Zhejiang silver script debut Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 Autumn Auction

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Zhejiang silver "script debut Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 autumn auction in Beijing Cheng Xuan 2016 Autumn Auction Coin special, there is a very rare" in Zhejiang Province in 1902 made seven flat ingot base money Guangxu two "silver" on, commonly known as "Zhejiang, regular script" a product of modern China silver in domestic auction mechanism. For the first time, the domestic public and private museums have no records, PCGS, SP63 certification. "Zhejiang famous" script "silver coins of modern scholar Mr. Sun Hao," this was done more in-depth study, which is published as follows in the writings of famous international numismatic magazine: "Zhejiang is located in the coastal areas, traffic albata very early, the Qing Dynasty has set up a factory but the mass production of silver coinage is after the Republic of China. Due to the preparation later, Guangxu twenty-five years in Zhejiang Bureau after casting is granted machine downtime, the demolition of his office; during the operation the silver amount not much, due to positive use of the Wei and Jin Dynasties inscription calligraphy of the northern and Southern Dynasties, commonly known as "weibei". However, another is the inscription "Zhejiang script", italics is extremely rare. But the domestic literature is lacking, so early on the party’s statement and the source are unable to agree on which is right. Zhejiang Kai positive until the last century at the beginning of 70s, foreign disclosure records pointed out: Zhejiang Province later petitioned the Bureau Mint approved, once in twenty-eight years Guangxu (1902) in March to the British Bermingham Mint machinery and the nominal value of one yuan, two silver angle, corner, five points and ten die when the copper coin a full set of five species, were delivered in the same year. When the file was excavated, the factory inventory in addition to the sample currency, there are two yuan, a dime and a coin model three. The origin of Zhejiang gold version of Guangxu script, so the dust settles. Zhejiang Zhejiang is a British version of the script script back Bermingham mint Chinese the last dragon silver, and only completed in twentieth Century, carved by the Guangdong "73 anti" version of the famous British Wayne Alan (Allen Wyon) caodao. Because of the serious shortage of money, the production of copper coins and more profitable, with plenty of available neglected even on the bald eagle. "Born Under A Bad Sign" is an unreleased version of the script, only made the original very small amount of silver, copper and alloy samples retained currency. The seven kind is the most precious money two silver, now known to exist only three, lower than Hunan, and west two silver products. In addition to HSBC has come directly from the Bermingham plant in the record room, British Museum public display of a private part, only Taipei honeshee Art Museum and Mr. Liu Gaizao’s old Tibet have a silver dragon in Qing Dynasty is the top treasure."相关的主题文章: