Zhangzhou’s latest disaster direct economic losses of 3 billion and 5 dead and 1 missing tianbi

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The latest Zhangzhou disaster situation: direct economic losses of 3 billion and 5 dead and 1 missing Taiwanese news network September 17th Haidu reporter learned from Zhangzhou Shifang Zhi, as Zhangzhou city’s 127 towns affected 494 thousand and 884 people on the 16 day 15, the transfer of population 95 thousand and 305 people, 1499 houses collapsed, 5 people died, 1 people missing; total direct economic loss of 3 billion 34 million 455 thousand and 515 yuan among them,: crops affected area of 497 thousand and 341 acres, has 3340 tons of grain production, animal husbandry and fishery direct economic loss of 1 billion 450 million 118 thousand yuan; damaged dikes 20 17.715 kilometers, revetment 73, 30 sluices, irrigation facilities 953, the direct economic loss of 277 million 30 thousand yuan of water conservancy facilities; production of industrial and mining enterprises 989, highway interrupted 211 times, the power supply interrupted 148 times, communications interrupted 71 times, industrial transportation direct economic loss 10.8197.64 billion yuan; other losses 225 million 331 thousand and 115 yuan. In the face of serious disasters, party secretary Chen Jiadong, mayor Tan Yunkun and other leaders went to the typhoon affected line, inspect and guide the city’s disaster relief and reconstruction work.相关的主题文章: