Xie Yaoqi was named vice mayor of Heyuan, the former vice mayor of Jieyang autobots

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Xie Yaoqi was nominated as a candidate for this former vice mayor of Heyuan, vice mayor of Jieyang Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Jiang Caihu Cheng Xueyong) today (September 28th), held in Heyuan City, the new city leaders report, party secretary Zhang Wen, mayor Peng Jianwen, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee Huang Jian City secondary sets of team leaders attended the meeting. Yao Chuxuan, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of the Organization Department, read out the decision of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department: the provincial Party committee agreed to nominate Comrade Xie Yaoqi as the vice mayor of Heyuan. City leaders Zhang Wen, Peng Jianwen, Peng Dingbang and Huang Jianzhong spoke separately, expressing their firm support for the provincial Party committee decision. They said, send Xie Yaoqi to serve in Heyuan, fully reflects the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the Heyuan development and construction of the contingent of attention, care and love, to further optimize the structure of knowledge age, Heyuan party and government bodies, injected fresh blood for the Heyuan party and government bodies. Hope that Comrade Xie Yaoqi as soon as possible into the Heyuan, familiar with Heyuan, solidarity, Lu force to do the work with the city of concentric sets team, complete the provincial government tasks, the city does not live up to the people’s trust and expectations. Xie Yaoqi said, Heyuan outstanding people, profound culture, beautiful landscape, social harmony, to work in Heyuan, proud and proud, but also the mission is glorious, a great responsibility. As soon as possible to enter the working state in the future work will be resolutely obey and serve the overall work, cherish and maintain unity, party spirit, integrity, dedication, honest and clean general do. Xie Yaoqi, male, Guangdong Xingning, Han nationality, born in October 1974, educated provincial Party school, work in August 1993, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1996. He served as deputy mayor of Jieyang municipal government, member of the Party committee, Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of political and law, and deputy director of the Municipal Committee of social work (concurrently).

谢耀琪被提名为河源副市长人选 此前任揭阳副市长   南方日报讯 (记者 蒋才虎 通讯员 程学勇)今天(9月28日),河源市召开新任市领导报到会,市委书记张文、市长彭建文、市人大常委会常务副主任黄建中等市几套班子领导参加了会议。市委常委、组织部部长姚楚旋宣读了省委组织部决定:省委同意,提名谢耀琪同志为河源市副市长人选。   市领导张文、彭建文、彭定邦、黄建中分别讲话,表示坚决拥护省委决定。他们表示,选派谢耀琪到河源任职,充分体现了省委、省委组织部对河源发展、队伍建设的重视、关心和厚爱,进一步优化了河源党政班子的年龄、知识结构,为河源党政班子注入了新鲜血液。希望谢耀琪同志尽快融入河源、熟悉河源,与市几套班子团结奋斗、勠力同心做好各项工作,完成好省委、省政府交付的任务,不辜负全市人民的重托和期望。   谢耀琪表示,河源人杰地灵、文化深厚、山水秀美、社会和谐,能到河源市工作,深感自豪和荣耀,同时也深感使命光荣、责任重大。在今后的工作中将尽快进入工作状态,坚决服从、服务工作大局,珍惜缘分、维护团结,讲党性、讲正气、讲奉献,做到廉洁奉公、干净干事。   谢耀琪,男,广东兴宁人,汉族,1974年10月生,学历省委党校在职大学,1993年 8月参加工作,1996年 1月加入中国共产党。曾任揭阳市政府副市长、党组成员,市公安局局长、党委书记,市委政法委副书记,市社会工作委员会副主任(兼)。相关的主题文章: