Wuhan man to buy a house after the landlord refused to transfer back prices soaring peepsamurai

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Wuhan man to buy a house after the landlord refused to transfer back prices soared yesterday, who lives in castle district building two road Wang Xin (a pseudonym) learned from the East Lake high tech Zone of the housing and the Housing Authority, located in the area and their Avenue Housing is expected in the next week to the real estate registration certificate. The room is about 350 thousand yuan to buy Xinhua Wang in 2008, to permit from the house spent 8 years, during the period of two lawsuits, eventually won. "I was the idea that the payment of the principal did not transfer." In 2008, Wang Xin learned that his friend Lin Qiang (a pseudonym) is located in Hunan and Hubei avenue to sell a set of housing, housing construction area of 94.76 square meters, then the developer price is 301811 yuan. Although the 2009 before delivery, but Wang Xin considered good relations between the two, will be about 350 thousand yuan 1629 paid Lin Qiang, Lin Qiang played receipt. July 2009, housing delivery, Wang Xin will be renovated and housing. After moving into the house, I have been urging Lin for the transfer of ownership, but Lin strong delay for various reasons." 2014 years ago, Lin Qiang simply refused to apply for transfer, and that the house is not sold. Wang Xin know, prices rise, resulting in strong breach of contract. In desperation, Wang Xin filed a lawsuit to the Wuhan East Lake high people’s court, the court found that the two sides in 2008 has reached an agreement on the sale of housing, 350 thousand yuan for the purchase of housing, a trial of Mrs. Lin Qiang to help Wang Xin to apply for housing transfer. After the verdicts, Lin Qiang refused to accept the appeal to the Wuhan intermediate people’s court, Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court upheld, Lin Qiang still refuses to accept, to the Hubei Provincial Higher People’s court for retrial, dismissed the Hubei Provincial Higher People’s court. In September 6, 2016, the trial court issued a ruling executive, ruled that the housing sector for the real estate credit and housing for Wang Xin avenue. Wang Xin said that the current price of housing by the year 350 thousand yuan, up to now about $900 thousand. The lawyer explain the housing transaction risk point in the trilogy to invite Hubei statue and light lawyer He Long, the three main stages of housing transactions for comments, to help readers to avoid danger in the second-hand housing transactions. The first stage: the study of housing deposit risk action ×: Study of housing only towards, ventilation and lighting, traffic and living facilities. V: safety action should also look at the real estate license, who is the main house (housing for all people, and only one or several signed the purchase contract, a marriage between the owner, needs the couple to sign the purchase contract), see the availability of housing loans, to see whether the rental housing (housing sales contracts can not be established against the first lease contract, only after completion of the lease contract, to others), to see whether the recent housing demolition, the housing management department to verify. Dangerous action ×:: in order to avoid the seller does not set up a large deposit of real estate, worry about their plans to buy a house change, set a small deposit. Safety action tick: the buyer if sincere buyers, can set the high deposit, deposit limit is generally not more than 20% housing prices, in addition to hire intermediary housing transactions, the best intermediary service contract signed. – second.相关的主题文章: