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Willber Pan made "as soon as this" live "was staged chowhound Kan pan Simon" – Sohu entertainment Willber Pan happy camp Willber Pan comedy play games Sohu entertainment news the evening of September 10th, Willber Pan, Zhang Yixing, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin, SNH48 unveiled the "happy camp". Show, Willber Pan started with the first song English handsome, part of the game show again bursting with variety and Du Haitao partner, staged "eat," broadcast "acting NG" link because the continuous slip of the tongue, was ridicule as "Pan Simon", let guests on stage and the audience laugh even. Not long ago, in the reality show, I went to school in it, turned pan Ming white, Willber Pan, with the performance in the program can be described as numerous circles powder. Many viewers said, Willber Pan and classmates have affinity, and no shelves, but stay adorable funny, brush up. The two years later, Willber Pan again "happy camp" funny show the strength of the upgrade, he and Du Haitao team staged live up to a chowhound, drink the whole cup of Watermelon Juice, followed by a hilarious interpretation of "noble" and "street" in two ways to eat shrimp taste. For Willber Pan, "Zhong" and "he" innocently tell users, will he and Zhang Yixing called the "2333 combinations". At the end of the show a lot of the audience also said: "I think you are so handsome," Pan Pan "that he did not laugh up ~ ~ so you will find funny ah, so many years or so the sun handsome pan, Yan value has been online, a face of collagen, looking forward to the next mango reality show!"   相关的主题文章: