Wenzhou boss spend tens of millions to buy the results of the gas Rolls-Royce want to go to the rive ekdv-273

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Wenzhou boss spent tens of millions to buy Rolls-Royce want to go to the river the three years ago, Mr. ho throw tens of millions of yuan in Wenzhou City, Jiang Bin Xi Lu a sales shop to buy a Rolls-Royce phantom sedan. Then also with the driver, in the eyes of others, Mr. ye should be unlimited scenery, but this three years, but because of the car Mr. Yip worry, anger, but also wanted to drive into the river. What is this? Summer air conditioning often fail to pick up the guests like steamed buns last week, Mr. Ye’s driver wearing a master, as a representative to the newspaper complaints. Dai master took out a few invoices that the original price of the car is 8 million 500 thousand yuan, matching the interior and the various taxes and fees, the total cost of more than $10 million. "The car is so expensive, we also pay attention to maintenance, usually in addition to the boss and transfer important guests, others don’t let sit." He said that although the car is larger, but these years down, opened 39 thousand kilometers, no accident, it can be said to be well protected. So that the master and Mr. Ye can not figure out, so expensive car, so careful maintenance, but also always a problem. In March this year to Mr. Dai said that when the driver, driving a Rolls-Royce after two months, almost every month to the Rolls-Royce Automobile Service Center (Wenzhou) run, a number of large and small faults. The most intolerable is the problem of air conditioning. "A little while a little wind, I went to the service center at least three times, or can not solve the problem." A teacher said, one day in July and August this year, he told the boss to Ouhai Wutian received two major clients, air-conditioning shutdown again, that more than one hour on the road, the car four drenched, like "steamed Steamed Buns", think of no face, similar things have more than one back, boss the anger also said, really want to put this car to go to the river. Drive the old sense of frustration out was the engine problems reporters sit in this car Rolls-Royce. Wearing a teacher in the side and pointed out a lot of small problems, such as the front cabinet should be strong enough to close the lock, the car can not afford to take the ashtray. Although these problems do not affect the normal driving, but also make people feel uncomfortable. What really worries them is the engine of the car. A teacher said, from the beginning of May this year, he found the old engine abnormal sound, in 30 to 40 between the Mai Mai, often there will be a sense of frustration, occasionally fault lights will be lit, and then restart the stalled will return to normal. Recently the phenomenon is more and more frequent. "The engine is the heart of the car, and I went to the service center several times. They changed the computer board, testing data, but can not find the reasons for the delay. Later, they have a technical expert from Beijing, said the engine cylinder cover needs to be replaced." Dai said the master, the boss means, can not be removed for a. The garage said can change the engine but the extended warranty not Rolls-Royce agreed to replace the engine, but the two sides have differences. Mr. ye think, they because of quality problems of this car, the car to the service center every two or three days, they cannot be sure to change the engine, will not be a problem, once the warranty period, repair again will have a huge cost, it should be.相关的主题文章: