Various Family Counseling

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Home-and-Family Family counseling is a type of therapy that aims to bring strong bonding between members of the family better. This counseling is not about giving solution to family argument; it helps the family to have good .munication. They help to solve .munication disputes, gaps and views between family members. If you are facing various issues in a family, here are some techniques employed by therapist. Follow these techniques and solve the issues within your family. 1.Family Floor Plan – Usually parents are asked to draw a family tree and give information about family members. Some basic facts and points about the past will be more helpful to solve the present problem. 2.I Statement Instead of blaming others about their mistake, it is advisable to accept that mistake. This will help you to avoid hating the person in mind. 3.Family Photos Taking different photos on different occasion with family members and getting various responses from family member will be more helpful. This will provide you an overview about the present situation of family. It is advisable to ask the family members to say about the memories that they get in their mind while seeing photos. This will give deep understanding into the family. 4..munication Building – Poor .munication within family member can leads to many issues and problems. It is highly encouraged to use .munication techniques like listening while other family member talks, reflecting on feelings, taking turns in speaking and talk about each persons own interest. 5.Play therapy Play therapy is one of the best techniques in counseling. Children give more interest in play therapy. Ask your child to act or draw how he/she feels. You need to be more patient while attending counseling. It takes more time. A good .munication and listening to other people in family will results in better understanding and it often solves various issues that occurred in a family. Benefits in attending Family counseling Family counseling can solve various issues in a family like substance abuse, .munication problem, family violence, parenting issues, alcoholism, conflict between siblings etc. Regularly attending this counseling provides strong bonding within family members. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: