U.S. media said China will dominate the next generation of manufacturing innovation and market are h

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U.S. media said that China will dominate the next generation of manufacturing: innovation and the market are in the picture here: in November 7, 2015, a researcher at the laboratory in Xi’an, told reporters the photon integrated chip. Photonic integrated circuits through optoelectronic integrated field technology self-developed chip, can be realized on the traditional integrated circuit corner overtaking, promote our country in the field of optoelectronic integrated circuits from with runners to the leader change. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang photo manufacturing Reference News Network reported on September 3rd the United States "Forbes" website in August 31 publication entitled "why Chinese will dominate the next generation? "The article said, in the" Washington Post "recently published an article entitled" why Chinese can have the next generation of manufacturing ", author Vivek · wadhwa of China; new 10 year plan" Chinese manufacturing 2025 "was discussed. The purpose of the program is to use robots, 3D printing, cloud computing and big data and other advanced technologies to achieve the modernization of China’s manufacturing industry. China has invested $150 billion in the massive modernization program. Wadhwa wrote: "but no matter how much money, China can not win the next generation of manufacturing." Why? Wadhwa believes that the poor quality of China’s robot, the efficiency can not be higher than the u.s.. The most important thing is that China’s labor shortage of skills, unable to complete the work in the advanced manufacturing environment. "Forbes" article said, should not be hasty to deny China has the ability to develop its technology, improve their staff level. There are signs that China’s industry is catching up with the west, and in some cases even more than the west. For example, only use the local computer chip made China super computer "Shenwei" than the most powerful supercomputer America 5 times faster. In addition, in the field of gene editing, big data analysis or 5G mobile communication technology, Chinese experts are the best in the world. Study by Cornell University, School of international business and the World Intellectual Property Organization (a United Nations agency) recently completed the "2016" global innovation index report that Chinese has become one of the world’s most innovative economies in the ranks of the top 25, and Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries shoulder. In the past nine years, the global innovation index report on the basis of the 82 indicators were investigated in more than and 100 countries. One of the most important indicators is called "innovation quality", which focuses on the quality of universities, the number of scientific publications and the number of international patent applications. China ranks seventeenth in the ranking of innovation quality, making it the leading indicator of middle-income economies. The article said that China’s manufacturing enterprises are almost all private or foreign companies. They have the power to innovate and improve. Wages are rising, but productivity is improving. According to the economist, China’s productivity is much higher than that of India and Vietnam, which is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6-7% by 2025. Walton School of business,, Cohen, the study shows that China is leading in some industries, manufacturing, "return" to the economies of the developed economies, there is no large-scale occurrence of the situation in the United States and other countries in the world, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ·. In fact, manufacturers hope.相关的主题文章: