Two students drunk drunk after being apart a long time night sea insurance frozen (video)-cancam

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Two students drunk drunk after being apart a long time night insurance frozen sea border police and 120 medical personnel rescue site. The figure for them the same as 18 years old, are college students, dinner drink drunk, they drank two cases of beer, walk in the seaside pavilion. If it hadn’t been found by tourists and beach cleaners, the two people would have been "frozen". In early October 4th 7 pm, Huludao, Xingcheng, Xingcheng City, Haikou border police station hospital 120 emergency center has received calls, said in Xingcheng three scenic seaside reef Rover bower, two men drunk, lying in the pavilion remain unconscious on the concrete floor, covered with vomit, fearing the accident. After receiving help, the sea border police station Zhang Yicheng immediately went to the rescue site, is located in the scenic Pavilion reef rover on the second floor, a young man wearing half sleeves lay on the cold cement floor, there are a lot of vomit and beer bottles are nearby, some remain unconscious. When the wind is cold every day, they stay in the pavilion for a whole night, all cold, but there is still a little bit of temperature on the face. We immediately shouted, one of them slowly opened his eyes, stood up, walked two steps, and then fell down and lay on the ground. The other one didn’t wake up, and his arms were compressed into purple. See a bag on the ground, we immediately opened the bag, put the clothes to the two people to keep warm." Police Zhang Yicheng said. Shortly after, doctor Zhang Qingwei, nurse Wang Yue also came to rescue. Because of the cold weather at night, the two young men were frozen. After preliminary examination found that medical staff found that although the two men are not conscious, but vital signs are normal. To quickly rescue, medical staff immediately give oxygen, heat preservation, while the establishment of intravenous infusion, and two young men lifted to the stretcher. We quickly took two people to the ambulance by stretcher and rushed to the hospital. Due to timely rescue, two people have stable signs of life, out of danger. By simple understanding, the original two young men are Hebei people, and primary school students, both 18 years old, are currently College students. The day of the incident, one of the boys specially came to Xingcheng to visit the students, because not seen for many years, two people were drunk, then came to the seaside. The evening began to drink, may be two boxes of beer after drinking, because of wine, but alcohol began to attack, two people dead drunk simply sleep in the pavilion on the cement floor. Fortunately, 120 and border police rescue in time, there is no accident. Police and doctors advise: Holiday classmates and fellow meet, not a whim excited. In order to avoid drunken unexpected delays, too late. Daqing men get drunk and freeze, roadside people help escape

久别重逢喝大了 俩大学生醉酒夜睡海边险被冻僵边防民警和120医护人员救援现场。边防供图他俩同为18岁,都是大学生,聚餐喝酒贪杯,俩人喝了两箱啤酒,走不动夜宿海边凉亭。如果不是游客和海边清洁工发现及时,这俩人很可能被冻“坏”了。10月4日早7时许,葫芦岛兴城海口边防派出所、兴城市医院120急救中心先后接到求助电话,称在兴城海滨三礁揽胜景区凉亭里,有两个男子喝多了,躺在凉亭水泥地上昏迷不醒,浑身呕吐物,担心有意外发生。接到求助后,海口边防派出所民警张一呈等立即前往救援,现场位于三礁揽胜景区凉亭的二楼,两个男青年都身穿半截袖躺在冰凉水泥地上,附近有很多呕吐物和啤酒瓶子,都有些昏迷不醒。“当天天冷风大,他们在凉亭上呆一宿浑身冰凉,好在脸上还有点儿温度。我们马上大声喊叫,其中一人慢慢睁开眼睛,站起来走两步后就又摔倒躺地上了。另一个干脆没有喊醒,胳膊都被压成紫色。看到地上有个包,我们马上打开包将里面的衣服给俩人披上保暖。”民警张一呈说。不一会儿,医生张庆伟,护士王跃等也赶来实施救援。由于晚上天气很冷,两个男青年都被冻坏了。经过初步检查发现,医护人员发现俩男子尽管意识不清醒,但生命体征还算正常。为快速施救,医护人员立马给予吸氧、保温,同时建立静脉输液,并将两个男青年抬上担架。大家快速用担架将二人抬到救护车上后紧急送往医院。由于救助及时,目前两个人生命体征平稳,脱离了危险。经简单了解得知,原来这两个男青年都是河北人,且是小学同学,都18岁,目前都是大学生。事发当天,其中一个男孩特意来到兴城看望同学,由于多年没见面,两个人当时都喝多了,随后又来到海边散心游玩。当晚又开始继续喝酒,可能是两箱啤酒下肚后,因不胜酒力,不料酒精开始发作,烂醉如泥的两个人干脆就睡在了海边凉亭水泥地上。幸亏120和边防民警救助及时,才没有发生意外。警方和医生提醒:节假日无论是同学还是老乡相见,切莫一时兴起激动贪杯,以免酒后误事,出现意外悔之晚矣。 大庆 男子醉酒冻僵路旁 众人帮忙脱险相关的主题文章: