To look at the Trump for science put forward perverse speech denka

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To look at the Trump for science put forward perverse speech Sina Technology News Beijing on November 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. presidential candidate, has successfully elected Donald · Trump (Donald Trump) has always been a bold speech. He published love science related comments on twitter, but some speech is undoubtedly contrary to the common sense of science. We extracted a part of Twitter to see what the new president has said about science. Tweets: "wind power station not only looks ugly, but also pose a threat to human health. They should be banned by law and only allowed in industrial areas." However, in fact, more than 25 articles on this piece of scientific essay review article, pointed out that wind power could not find evidence of harm. Remember, the so-called "environmentally friendly" light bulb may cause cancer. The man who invented it obviously doesn’t care." The fact is that the energy saving light bulbs will release a small amount of UV radiation, but this level of radiation is not as good as you can stand under the sun to illuminate the uv. The United States must immediately stop flights coming from the Ebola area! Or the plague will spread in the United states." He also pointed out in another tweet: "the United States should not allow people infected with Ebola back to the domestic. They traveled a long way to help others, this is very great, but they must bear the consequences of their own." In fact, the American medical experts have publicly opposed the Ebola area flight ban, because this measure is not conducive to appease public sentiment, but also make the control and monitoring of personnel in and out of the area is becoming more and more difficult. If we do not take away the huge fire resistant asbestos and replace them with useless rubbish, the world trade center will not collapse." Some blame the fire on the world trade center as part of the burning. But in fact, the two towers have not been affected by the impact of asbestos. After a healthy child goes to a vaccine, it feels worse and worse, and eventually suffers from autism." He also published a tweet saying: the prevalence of autism soared. Why does the Obama administration ignore it? Try and nothing." In fact, the initial study of the link between the vaccine and autism has been withdrawn. In addition, a large number of follow-up studies have failed to prove any link between vaccines and autism. Trump also published tweets said: "we can’t be the stuff of global warming hit so much money. The earth is getting cold and the temperature is low, so scientists who study global warming are also trapped in the snow." "NBC news has just announced that it will usher in the coldest winter in history. Do we still have to spend so much money on climate warming lies?" "Supporters of global warming just want more tax! They don’t believe it." "The scientific basis for global warming is wrong, it is through numbers."相关的主题文章: