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It’s very simple! These 5 beautiful hair style two steps to guide reading: hair can say, has been the star of the hand residual star pain forever, every time see other MM beautiful hairstyle, can only be tearful envy. But today, the welfare of the disabled party MM came, Xiao Bian will introduce 5 super simple popular Japanese tie hair, let MM two steps to new hairstyle. Source: love net hair is actually very simple! The two step is to fix this is Xiaobian to introduce to you today MM 5 Japanese bar, or beautiful or elegant, charming or sweet or neat and elegant, or take a look at the next step detailed. Style1 twisted half tie princess head twisted style1 half of the rolling head princess princess head Liu Haiwang side direction MM away, prominent MM stereo facial features and beautiful facial lines, with lovely ears and sexy collarbone, very refreshing and sweet. Step1 hair step step1: first the front bangs 28 separate, more hair over the bangs back twist, and in the ear with hairpin fixed. Step2 Step2: as the picture, the other side of the ear before the hair is divided into two pairs of hair from the cross weaving to the ear, pay attention to knitting side, the remaining hair into, and fixed. Style2 allback low ponytail, style2 allback, low ponytail, MM refreshing face, gives a confident and neat feeling, temperament is very fresh, suitable for OL work when the hair style. Step1 hair step step1: first hair straight, and then comb and hand MM bangs 28 separate. Step2 Step2: put all your hair behind your head, tie a low ponytail, light the top of your head with the tip of the tail comb, and make the front hair feel stronger. This navigation style3 twisted style3 low ponytail twist lines low ponytail Liu Haiwang side rear twist more MM youthful vigor, the whole hair very sweet. Step 1 hair step step1: Liu Haizhong points, and then the bangs on the temples, left and right back twist fixed. Step 2 Step2: the hair is divided into two parts, from the ear before the hair began to twist, slowly add other hair, such as pictures, all the hair twisted into two beams to the back. Finally, put the two hairs together and fix them with rubber bands. Style4 low style4 low bun bun elegant elegant elegant low bun, with hair ornament, very refreshing sweet, MM beautiful neck lines and clavicle lines are displayed. Step 1 steps: figure step1 tie hair, the hair is divided into three parts, the left and right sides of the hair become fluffy tails, and the middle part of the hair first tie a low ponytail in the fixed half ponytail finally tied into a ball, tail wound and fixed with the hairpin at the bottom. Step 2 Step2: navigation

扎发其实很简单!这5款唯美发型两步就搞定   导读:扎发可以说一直是手残星人心中永远的痛,每次看到其他MM美美的发型时,只能含泪羡慕。但是,今天手残党MM的福利来了,小编将要介绍5款超简单的流行日系扎发,让MM两步搞定新发型。来源:爱美网 扎发其实很简单!这些两步就搞定   这就是小编今天要为各位MM介绍的5款日系扎发,或娇美俏丽或优雅知性、或甜美可爱或利落大方,接下来还是一起来看看详细的步骤图解吧。 style1 扭卷半扎公主头   style1 扭卷半扎公主头   公主头将MM的刘海往侧后方向收起,突出MM立体五官和优美的脸部线条、露出可爱的耳朵和性感锁骨,非常的清爽甜美。 step1   扎发步骤   step1:先将前方刘海二八分开,将头发比较多的那边的刘海向后扭卷,并在耳后用发夹固定。 step2   step2:如图,将另一侧耳前的头发从上面分成两束头发交叉编织至耳后,注意边编织边将剩下的头发添加进去,并固定起来。 style2 allback低马尾   style2 allback低马尾   突出MM清爽的脸蛋,给人自信利落的感觉,气质非常清新,适合OL上班时扎的发型。 step1   扎发步骤   step1:先将头发烫直,再用梳子和手将MM的刘海二八分开。 step2   step2:用手将所有头发收到脑后,扎一个低马尾,用尖尾梳的尾部轻挑头顶的头发,让前方头发立体感更强。 本文导航 style3 扭卷低马尾   style3 扭卷低马尾   刘海往侧后后方扭卷的纹路更显MM的青春朝气,整体发型非常甜美可爱。 step 1   扎发步骤   step1:将刘海中分,然后把太阳穴上的刘海分左右向后扭卷固定。 step 2   step2:把后面的头发分成两个部分,从耳前的头发开始扭卷,慢慢加入其他头发,如图,将所有的头发扭卷成两束至脑后。最后将两束头发合在一起,用橡皮筋固定即可。 style4 优雅低髻   style4 优雅低髻   优雅低髻,辅以发饰点缀,非常的清爽甜美,将MM的美丽的脖颈线条和锁骨线条都展现了出来。 step 1   扎发步骤   step1:如图,将头发分为三部分,将左右两侧的头发都变成蓬松麻花辫,而中间部分的头发先扎一个低马尾,在马尾最后固定时对折扎成一个团子,发尾缠绕团子底部并用发夹固定。 step 2   step2:依次将左右两个麻花辫盘到团子的底部,并用发夹固定。 style5 俏皮斜扎低马尾   style5 俏皮斜扎低马尾   二八分的韩式斜刘海突出MM明亮大眼,披在肩上的斜扎低马尾俏皮清新,婉约可爱。 step1   扎发步骤   step1:先将两边耳朵前的头发拉到一边耳后,并将其扎成一个松松辫子,将辫子从中间分来,让辫子向上内折扭卷。 step2   step2:将两边耳后的头发拉到扎好的辫子上面,再扎一个比较紧实的辫子,继续向上内扣扭卷。并将其他的头发拨到扎辫子那边的肩膀上。 本文导航相关的主题文章: