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These stationery has "poison", serious can cause cancer! Pay particular attention to the Sohu maternal Baby Park for the first time recently, Chongqing Quality Supervision Bureau released the defective product recall information announcement, the two enterprises in the production of the 27000 academic books will be recalled. The recall of the 27000 academic books there is the same problem, which cover a white degree is too high, will stimulate the eyes, easy to cause visual fatigue, eye injury. Do you think that substandard stationery will only cause damage to the eyes, then you are wrong! Small stationery store sales of the following stationery, crisis ridden, serious carcinogenic! These stationery have poison"! Color pencil lead excessive color pencil, crayon, watercolor pen, pen, fluorescent pen, a large number of heavy metal containing lead. In addition, may also use substandard inferior wax crayon production, and adding an excessive amount of pigment, children unconsciously biting and sucking after containing heavy metal, it will be transferred and deposited in the body, affecting the nervous system, causing memory and mental decline, growth restriction. The design of small stationery pens are unsafe on the cap if there is no design holes, swallowed by children is likely to cause the suffocation. In addition, some manufacturers in order to attract and satisfy their curiosity, making some stationery create new styles, like toys, stationery and even with some attacks, have adverse effects on children’s physical and mental. Modified stationery contains a large number of harmful substances of chemical substances in correction fluid containing lead, benzene, barium and harmful to human body, long-term use can cause chronic damage to the liver and kidney, long-term use may damage the body’s immune function; halogenated hydrocarbon in various kinds of correction fluid to the eye has obvious stimulation, often by tears, red eyes, the individual will cause nausea, vomiting, uncomfortable; the concentration of benzene in the most inferior correction fluid such as long-term inhalation of minors exceed the standard, and the light will cause headache, nausea, eye, nose and throat inflammation, serious can cause leukemia. Formaldehyde content exceeded the previous letter, AQSIQ has announced the free formaldehyde project in the solid and liquid glue in excess of the situation, which will endanger the child’s physical health. Some parents have said that in the future as far as possible to let the child less or no solid glue and liquid glue. Formaldehyde is a colorless strong irritant gas, has been identified as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances WHO. Formaldehyde can cause eye tears, cornea, conjunctival hyperemia, inflammation, skin allergies, but also nausea and vomiting, stomach disorders, and even lead to death. So parents and children to be careful to choose, buy a regular brand of plastic stationery, in addition, can not use as far as possible the children do not use. A small weapon: how to buy stationery for parents? 1 stationery when you choose to buy Stationery, you should open the smell of smell, poor quality products have obvious pungent odor, or the addition of inferior flavor caused by the abnormal flavor. Experts point out that, as much as possible, try to contact the fragrance of stationery, not to put it on the nose to smell, it is best to use less or no smell of strong as well. Now a lot of stationery with fragrance, because of this fragrance!相关的主题文章: