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The white big three sun year report card   transformation of the way the same thing? — home — original title: white big three years of transition in transcripts of the same thing? August 30th evening, Qingdao Haier and Midea Group released semi annual report in 2016, as of now, the domestic electricity giant three have been drying out in the year transcripts. According to the results of three companies in the first half of the big three revenue rose or fell, profitability has been improved. To explore the three giants behind the profit growth, it is not difficult to find that the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the way of the transformation of the three companies actually have a lot of similarities. Three giant profits Zengmei Qi revenue leader in white in the big three, GREE released the first performance report: the first half of 2016, GREE achieved operating income of 49 billion 182 million yuan, down 1.85% over the same period last year; realize owned by the parent net profit of 6 billion 402 million yuan, representing a growth of 11.92%. On the evening of August 30th, Midea Group and Qingdao Haier also drying out their respective semi annual report card. In the first half, Midea Group achieved operating income of 78 billion 8 million yuan, down by $5.87%, net profit of $9 billion 496 million, an increase of $14.08%. Qingdao Haier revenue 48 billion 787 million yuan, an increase of $3.11%, net profit of $3 billion 315 million, an increase of 21.21%. Horizontal comparison, the United States on the scale of revenue to win GREE and Haier, and profit growth, Haier profit soared more than 20%, or the highest. Sub category, GREE air-conditioning is still single product champion: first half of the year, GREE air-conditioning business revenue 41 billion 981 million yuan, air conditioning and parts sales revenue of 34 billion 199 million yuan beauty, Haier air-conditioning business revenue 9 billion 491 million yuan. The adjustment of product structure to strengthen supply side structural reforms in the first half of 2016, China’s macro economy still faces greater downward pressure, increasing the real estate market differentiation, raw material price shocks, exchange rate fluctuations have become increasingly frequent, these factors are in a test of China’s home appliance industry should be changed and the survival ability. A new cycle of operation under the new normal household electrical appliance industry has entered the inventory digestion, structural adjustment, production and consumption upgrade, white domestic market continued weak trend, price competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, the traditional white market scale decline. Wang said that in the first half of 2016 China’s refrigerator, washing machines, air conditioning industry retail sales fell 9.29%, respectively, 3.42%, 6.74%. In order to cope with the market pressure, the white big three to strengthen technology research and development, the adjustment of product structure, speed up the supply side structural reforms, in order to achieve a contrarian growth. The United States said at the annual report, through the strengthening of consumer research, focus on the user experience, the development of innovative products, constantly optimize the product structure, improve the proportion of high-end home appliance business, gross margin improved. In the first half, the United States has launched a series of efficient refrigeration, heating and air conditioning products, such as children’s air conditioning, intelligent precise delivery, washing machine, "steamed Cube" series of microwave相关的主题文章: