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Attraction RZ is the driving force behind RESCO. A new dimension in personal training thats unique, all-involving and truly holistic. Anyone working with RZ and his team will experience the ultimate in being aided, guided, cajoled, pushed, educated and crucially understood when it .es to being transformed from inside out. RESCO which stands for resolute, effective, steady, concise and organised aims to bring a new dimension to getting truly fit in the widest sense of the term. RZ is determined to provide the best service that he can offer for his clients both male and female and from all walks of life. Im passionate about what I want to achieve, Ive brought to RESCO the best professionals from numerous relevant fields that I can and I will source others, dependent on client need, explains RZ . The team includes personal trainers, nutritionists, Neuro-Linguistic Programmers, life coaches and relationship advisors and even confidence coaches and dentists, bespoke tailoring., and lifestyle consultants. What I offer is a .plete individual focussed, bespoke service for people who want to make real and positive changes in their lives. The nutrition expert, personal trainer and RESCO director went through a major transformation in his own personal and professional life. This experience is what drives him to make positive changes in the lives of others. My personal transformation is evident from my photos – from being an overweight person to someone who is now .pletely motivated by fitness. Whats not evident though is that I also had low self-esteem at that time. Now, I use my in-depth knowledge and personal experience to help others. My life has .pletely changed; now I love helping others through their journey of change RESCOs approach is based on integrity and forming relationships with clients that work all round. Its crucial that the personality of the client is matched with those of the people they will be working with, explains RZ . And the inverse is also true in that the personalities of the professionals working for RESCO have to be understood as much as the elite qualifications which they posses. This is to ensure the optimum client/professional relationship. Personal trainers include Sarah Rufener, Sarah Wellstead and Denise Lombardi. Rufener, is an exceptionally .mitted and knowledgeable trainer and a real role model for women, whilst Wellstead is an international athlete, in possession of a huge array of fitness and sports conditioning experience. Nutrition advice is provided by RZ , he regards himself as the true transformation partner for each client. Many of my clients call me to discuss their thoughts ideas and feelings as they progress through the programme says RZ . I am there for them through the entirety of their journey, and our relationship does not end when the programme ends. RZ wants to transform the individual from the inside out and the RESCO experience is designed just to do that – achieving a total transformation. Fitness and nutrition programmes will get you into the best possible shape you can be and along the way you emotional well-being and – should you wish your confidence – will be lifted by working with other team members. Confidence coaching is included in the 10-week transformation programme and so is the image consultancy. (confidence coaching and image consultancy can also be added to the 4-week fitness programme as an option). RZ is currently in live discussions with one of the UKs most respected hypnotherapists to broaden the outreach of the services provided by RESCO. Currently, Relationship counseling service is available as an option. Top fashion experts will be.e your personal shopper and style advisor so you can fit and further enhance the – the new you into a great new look thats specifically right for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: