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UnCategorized As I was journeying through God’s awesome word, I came across the time period in which the human race had turned completely away from the one true God. This would come after the Lord had dealt with Adam and Eve, in which they were exiled from the Garden of Eden. Some after, we find that God had to deal and judge their eldest son Cain; after he had slayed his brother Abel. You would think that mankind would had gotten the message when it comes to opposing God? But this wasn’t the case being that we now find that mankind has been lured towards the deep abyss of sin: "When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born unto them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them that they chose, then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.’" (Genesis 6: 1-3) It would seem that the only command that mankind was successful at keeping, was to "be fruitful and multiply," being that the world had just experience some type of great population explosion. But when it came to following everything else that the Lord had laid out — the results were quite the opposite, being that the human race was now careening off into a direction that the Lord wasn’t please to see. Now the rules or commandments that I’m referring to, has nothing to do with the Ten Commandments that were instituted during the days of Moses. But these rules or commands were the ones that God had spoken to Adam and Eve after they had sinned and was cast out of the Garden of Eden because of it. So who or what was the cause, that lead mankind away from the one true God? What could have been so luring that mankind would begin walking on a path of total corruption and wickedness because of it? It’s believed that the descendents that had come from the family lineage of Cain were the cause of it. After Cain had been banned and marked by the Almighty God after he had slayed his brother Abel. The Bible points out that Cain had settled down and started to build a family of his own, needless to say — Cain’s household did not follow the ways of the one true God. But the real problem wouldn’t begin until those descendents of Cain, had started to have beautiful daughters that were born unto them. It would be these daughters who would begin to appeal to the male descendants of Seth. Now Seth was the son that was born unto Adam and Eve after Cain had killed Abel. The Bible points out that the male descendants Seth were following the ways of the Lord, until they began to take notice of how beautiful the daughters of Cain’s family lineage were. This would lead to Seth’s male descendants, marrying and taking the daughters from Cain’s lineage and began to make them their wives and build families with them. The male descendants of Seth had made a terrible mistake when they decided to marry into Cain’s lineage, being that they were now linked with a family that was morally corrupt and were rebellious against the one true God. By allowing this type of behavior and practices into their households, they presented an opportunity for the daughters of Cain to eventually lead the sons of Seth, into adopting and practicing these behaviors that were morally corrupt and wicked. This would create a dangerous time for the sons of Seth, being that almost always — wickedness will lead the good away from its path, before the good will be able to bring the wicked from their path. Now to point something out real quick, I just want you to know that I don’t think that the sons of Seth; who are also known as the sons of God, are in no way fallen angels; being that some experts would try to lead you to believe that they were. For some experts believe that fallen angels had came and took for them the daughters of Cain (who were also known as the daughters of men) and made them their wives and built families with them. But being that humans and angels are both different creatures, with one being physical and the other celestial — I believe that it would be impossible for humans and angels to marry or reproduce kids with each other. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: