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Sports-and-Recreation One of the oldest activities I can remember doing while on a camping trip is whittling wood with my knife. In fact, you pretty much can’t go camping without the right tools – hammer to drive tent pegs, knife to cut, and so forth. Of all these tools, the camping knife is the most essential – and most useful of all. This is because it has so many uses, not only limited to cutting trees or branches, but for cooking, setting up the camping area as well as for protection. Best of all, the camping knife is most often a utility knife, so you can use it as a can opener, tweezers, scissors, and more. If you really want a good camping knife, go for a swiss army knife. These can get pretty expensive but there are ones for less than sixty dollars out there. If you intend to do lots of whittling or cutting, don’t buy one of these knives as they are very hard to hold – get a hunting knife instead. You may also want to get a whetstone – a special sharpening stone for knives. If your blade is dull, you will spend way more effort to cut things. The blade should do the work for you. 1. General Purposes A camping knife can be used in cutting trees and branches, wood for the fireplace, bushes, canvas and much more. Most of the knives used for these purposes are very durable because they are supposed to be alternatives for heavier materials such as axes. These knives must meet some requirements, such as, that their blade should be black, oxidized, non- reflective, and made of stainless steel. They must be heavy enough and long enough to penetrate through the wood or similar material. 2. Protection Campers who go deep down in forests to camp for a few days would never step out of their house without a camping knife as it can not only protect against intruders, but also against various other threats such as wild animals. A camping knife is very essential in this case, especially if you dont want to be carrying bigger weapons such as rifles, axes, and saws. Since these knives come with a holder that you can clip on to your belt or pants, they are easy to take along. Wherever you travel in the forest, you have the knife handy, and in case of anyone or anything attacking you, the knife can help protect you. At the same time, however, a camping knife is extremely sharp and should be used wisely for protection purposes. Many incidents have taken place in camping outings where the campers fight and a camping knife gets involved. 3. Cooking and Fishing Cooking is perhaps one of the best uses of a camping knife. You can chop veggies and meat such as chicken. On swiss army knives, sometimes called utility knives, you will also find a can opener that can be very helpful for cooking. If you like to fish, a good camping knife can help you to gut them and remove their internal organs, leaving just the meat. Older knives should be used for cooking whereas newer ones should be used for whittling or other uses, since they are sharper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: