The Hubei football reform program released 4 years into the super 14 years at AFC Champions League ( tataufo

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The Hubei football reform program released 4 years into the super 14 years at AFC Champions League within 4 years to play in the Super League, 14 years into the AFC Champions League. Yesterday, the overall plan for the reform and development of football in Hubei officially released by the provincial government. Put forward to 2020, our province, the province has 3 – 4 to the occupation football club, of which at least 1 into the Super League, 1 in the female Super League; by 2030, every million people have 1 football pitches, the impact of the national occupation League and cup champion, have participated in the Asian Champions League occupation club. Efforts to build the brand of football clubs, promote the realization of regional club and the name of the non enterprise and avoid the club as investors change in the city frequently Qianzhuan, lack of stability on the phenomenon, and actively cultivate the stable population and city culture of football fans. The province will develop the province’s football field construction plan, expanding the number of football venues. Strive to 2020, each county administrative region at least 2 social standard football venues. I will be planning the construction of aunts tree football base, create a set of training and competition, education, training, fitness in one of the provincial comprehensive football base. The proposed scheme, the province in 2017 to create the school campus football characteristic demonstration school 700, 2020 to 1300, 2 to create 3 campus football demonstration county (city and district), focusing on the construction of high level football teams in 10 – 15 universities. The establishment of 15 provincial youth football training center, sending young football talents more to receive training in football developed countries. From 2018 onwards, the provincial games added women’s game projects, and strive to three years into the female Super League club. The province will actively promote the establishment of the football academy in Wuhan Sports Institute, to encourage colleges and universities to set up a football department or a football professional. In addition, the province will support Wuhan to participate in the bid for the world cup, the international class a tournament, the Chinese team and other top events, to support the conditions of other cities in the province to bid for international and domestic high-level football tournament. At the same time, the integration of the province’s social football resources, to create "I love football," "Hubei Football Super League", "Hubei Football Association Cup" and other social football brand events. (reporter Chen Lingmo) video extension of General Administration of sport: football reform as a breakthrough to enhance the level of attention to the 3 big ball Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: