The ferryman Ma Su beat Tony Leung worried about a slap broken friendship steam_api.dll

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"The ferryman" Ma Su beat Tony Leung about a slap in the face off friendship Ma Su attended the press conference Ma Su and the Tencent creative entertainment news October 23rd, the movie "the ferryman" held a press conference in beijing. Director Zhang Jiajia, producer Wong Kar Wai, starring Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Angela Baby, Ma Su, Rongrong Zhang and Xiong Dailin attended the conference. The scene, Ma Su dressed in white jeans, collocation high ponytail girl pigtails, simple and elegant, fresh and pleasant. She is in the movie as a mark, talking about his role, Ma Su said that this is a very hard life "young woman, with many ex and wealth", and Tony Leung Kaneshiro Takeshi, the two men of God formed bestie group, embarked on a ferry and ferry road. The trailer released at the conference site, Ma Su "ride" on Tony Leung fan God slap fragments has triggered a heated debate, Ma Su admitted that he especially stressed at the time of the shooting, because Tony Leung has been living in her college textbooks in character. "Before the film college acting class, the teacher will often take Tony Leung’s acting fragment for us as a case, so in the beginning to play when I don not, then he advised me to hit, it’s okay, I will fight, then hit hands are red." Ma Su also humorous ridicule, worried about just to establish a friendship with the male god, he was a slap to dry off." Attracted an audience laughter.相关的主题文章: