The Art Of Decision

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Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Decision making in management is pivotal and making the right decisions is crucial. Every manager should be looking to develop their decision making skills. Decision making is about facing a question like to be or not to be i.e. to be the one you want to be or not to be. Managers are always seen on the platform, where they always require to make important decisions because their crucial decisions ultimately shape, guide and direct our future. Decision making is described as the economy of thinking. In an article in business week, Chris Corrigan quoted that I think the most important CEO task is defining the course that the business will take over the next five or so years. You have the ability to see what the business environment might be like a long way out, not just over the .ing months. You need to be able to both set a broad direction and also to take particular decisions along the way that make that broad direction unfold correctly. In decision making our mind plays an important role because mind is the heart of any decision making process. To make a good and effective decision one should stay with the problem for a longer time. Better decisions are the result of good coordination between mind and body. A better understanding of the mind can lead to setting new priorities as to what is taught and learned. Ones vision should be to improve the leadership and decision making skills of business and government executives around the world. Many top MBA institutes such as Asia-Pacific Institute of Management and nearly all B schools in India offering PGDM courses address these critical business issues through management games, simulation, role plays, extempore situations, etc to the future managers. Through these exercises lot of real business data is provided to the students. The essential thing is to make them learn how to analyze the critical situations and find the effective measures. Decision making should be rational that means it must be logical and should pursue an orderly path from problem identification to reaching a solution. There is a well known saying which goes like this, If you dont know where you are going, it doesnt matter which way you go. Planning is the DNA of every decision making process. It helps decision to be made in a much more analytical and smoothly way. Planning even makes decision easier by providing guidelines and goals for the decision. Managers are supposed to ask themselves these questions time to time. Why did we ignore defects and faulty attitudes in the past? How downside can be tackled? What can we do to ensure that proper management policies are pursued, whatever the economic weather? What is the cost benefit ratio? How can principles and habits be changed so that the .pany as a whole aims to eliminate waste and maximize all efficiencies? Who needs to be involved with this decision? Successful managers understand the decision process must go through to be effective. As they move higher in the organizations, the demand on their time and influence also increases, and the temptation to use the power of position to make things happen high. Positively, you can keep yourself away from the errors which lead to wrong decision and can make effective decision by using these questions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: