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UnCategorized For many people, lucky charms such as Rudrasha beads are something that we never outgrow. It does not matter if it starts with a lucky penny that we found when we were three, or a prize or gift we won as small children, people tend to keep items with them that they perceive as being lucky their whole lives. However, if you are looking for an item that millions of people that follow the Hindu religion believe to be the luckiest of all charms, than get yourself a Rudraksha bead right away! This beautiful bead is actually a seed that .es from the Rudraksha tree in the Himalayas. Efforts to grow this special tree in North America have only managed to work in greenhouses where the special soil that the tree needs to grow can be duplicated. The seed has a special historical significance to those that believe in the Hindu religion, and even if you do not, this amazing bead can provide peace of mind and increased self confidence! It was believed that one of the many Hindu gods, Silva, cried a single tear when he saw how much suffering goes on in the every day world, and it was that single tear that caused the first Rudraksha tree to grow. The famous shape of the seed is most well known because of the distinctive hole-like shape in the middle of the seed. The bead became a fixture in China, Nepal, India and many other countries and it became associated with bravery, vision and overall health. Today, the bead is worn by many people, both Hindu and non-Hindu, who seek to face the daily challenges of the world with both courage and conviction. One aspect of the seed that scientists believe helps the average person are the unique electromagnetic properties. Much like the magnet phenomena that manages to help the electromagnetic properties of the body and help drive away pain, especially arthritis, the Rudraksha works in much the same way. People who have worn this special seed for significant amounts of time swear that by simply putting the bead on a necklace and wearing it while awake, they saw improvement in their mental stamina, focus and overall alertness. And it has not just been a handful of people claiming to feel this. There have be millions of documented cases of average people claiming that this amazing bead not only makes them feel better but makes them more healthy, too! The main reason why wearing the Rudraksha bead around the neck has be.e the primary way to wear this special seed is because by putting it on a necklace, the bead remains close to the heart. It is believed that this amazing bead not only wards off heart attacks but also lowers the bad kind of cholesterol and can even reduce stress and increase the overall feeling of calmness and tranquility. The Rudraksha bead originally was only worn during times of meditation because those that wore it found that it significantly increased the feelings of calmness and tranquility, but as time wore on, it became not only a practical way to deal with stress, but also quite a fashion statement, too! While it has been almost impossible to find any reports on the Rudraksha bead in any Western medical journals, doctors and faith healers in the Eastern world have known about the healing and calming properties of the Rudraksha bead for millennia. Major conferences have been held to talk about and share knowledge on the legitimate medicinal powers of the Rudraksha and it is widely prescribed in the Eastern world as a way to relieve stress and as a way to help maintain your center. A famous story from the middle-1980 surrounds the Rudraksha. A team of scientists from India set out to disprove the perceived medical benefits of the bead. After running it through a battery of scientific tests, it was found that the original claims were quite true. The chemical makeup of the Rudraksha, when worn next to the skin, can help slow aging and help decrease wrinkles. Needless to say, the scientists were amazed and they have since be.e some of the biggest proponents of this amazing seed. The Rudraksha can be bought online through many Eastern medicine stores, or even in person if your city has a large enough Hindu population. It might just be worth tracking down this amazing bead, you might just feel better for doing it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: