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Business Sometimes misunderstandings between co-workers on say a gas-drilling rig is not so much about what they don’t like and more about what they don’t know. Consider the performance review Andrea Gill had as a young graduate management engineer in her first gas job. Gill’s boss told her that fellow gas job employees who knew her well spoke well of her, while those who hardly knew her or knew only of her didn’t like her at all. "It struck me that the people I knew the least were people who I disliked for no reason other than the fact that they were male and in the roustabout gas jobs or on a different team and I was a blue crew drilling rig team player," Gill remembers. "I was young and full of myself and disapproved of their old ways of doing the same gas jobs as mine. I still had a bit of a smart-ass intellectual chip on my shoulder." As a result of her gas job experiences on the rig, she changed her attitude toward co-workers that she thought didn’t like her and went out of her way to .municate openly with them. She found out that she admired and respected many of those gas job colleagues very much, but only after she had made the effort. Her review the following year was very different, and the feedback from her colleagues was entirely positive. The lone ranger Try as you might, you can’t force anyone to be your friend or to like you. In truth gas jobs arent about being popular but rather being effective as part of a team. You will find .munication skills and teamwork as part of every gas job advert and a key element in every gas job interview you attend. Andrea Gill often found herself to begin with as the odd girl out in the traditionally macho world of the gas jobs, especially offshore. She’s found that being a female in predominantly male workplaces often set her apart from everyone on day one in the gas job. "It’s a lot of work sometimes, but I’ve found that the key to fitting in is to make people feel .fortable around me," Andrea says. "I know if they are, I will feel .fortable around them." After months of struggling to fit in, she’s developed some methods for forming good relationships between herself and her colleagues. Here are some tips she’s garnered for getting on in the gas job: Dont gossip about others. Youll only make people think I wonder what she says about me when Im not here. Always maintain peoples self-esteem even you have to correct some aspect of the gas job performance. Make only promises you can keep. It builds trust. Ask for other peoples feedback on you and take it on board. Gas jobs demand great teamwork but it doesnt just happen. Rather it is a skill that can be learned and improved upon with experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: