Takeaway platform faction fun trap development dilemma, burn subsidies or

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Fun in the predicament of takeaway platform send burn subsidies or difficult to continue school fun depression takeaway platform development dilemma in Beijing daily news (reporter Liu Yibo Guo Shihui) recently, there is news that the delivery Crowdsourcing distribution service provider’s dada platform takeaway sent Wuhu, Ma’anshan area fun team has been disbanded, a substantial reduction in the amount of orders. Beijing Daily reporter sent by fun platform for businesses to understand, at the pleasure will still provide some subsidies, but the intensity and a far cry from the beginning of January. Previously, every single highest energy subsidies to about 50 percent off, now dada subsidies maintained at full 20 yuan minus 2 yuan "or" full 30 yuan minus 3 yuan, the remaining subsidies borne entirely by businesses. How much will the order affect after the subsidy is reduced?." So the businessman said. It is understood that the current platform distribution are fun sent from the dada dada, founder Philip Kuai has said publicly that the breakthrough is a takeaway, takeaway market because of the heat, the other is the major takeaway platform have started to self logistics. Dada, as a crowdsourcing distribution service provider in the takeaway industry, has been active in the B end market, turned to the C end, attracted the big takeaway platform ban". According to a person familiar with the matter, after dada launched the fun, many takeaway platforms and businesses signed the "exclusive agreement", and dada in order to quickly make up for its C end user defects, can only choose the way to burn subsidies. In addition, for many have the ability to own responsible for the distribution of businesses, more willing to be the key link of logistics in their own hands, to control the distribution of the quality of service, and sent joy only through dada distribution, resulting in the business resources is not dominant. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

外卖平台派乐趣陷发展困局 烧钱补贴或难以为继   外卖平台派乐趣陷发展困局   北京商报讯(记者 刘一博 郭诗卉)近日,有消息称,外卖众包配送服务商达达旗下的外卖平台派乐趣芜湖、马鞍山地区的团队已解散,订单量大幅缩减。   北京商报记者通过派乐趣平台商家了解到,目前派乐趣虽然仍会提供一定的补贴,但是力度与1月初相去甚远。此前,每单补贴最高能到5折左右,现在达达提供的补贴维持在“满20元减2元”或“满30元减3元”,其余补贴完全由商家自行承担。“补贴降低后,多少会影响到订单量。”该商家如是说。   据了解,目前派乐趣平台的配送均是由达达提供,达达创始人蒯佳祺曾公开表示,之所以切入外卖领域,一是因为目前外卖市场热,另一方面则是各大外卖平台都已经开始自建物流。   达达作为外卖行业的众包配送服务商,一直活跃在B端市场,转向C端后,招来了各大外卖平台的“封杀”。据一位知情人士透露,达达推出派乐趣后,许多外卖平台与商家签署了“排他协议”,而达达为了能够快速弥补其C端用户的缺陷,只能选择烧钱补贴的方式。此外,对于许多有能力自己负责配送的商家而言,更愿意将关键的物流环节掌握在自己手中,以控制配送环节的服务质量,而派乐趣只能通过达达配送,致使其在商家资源方面也不占优势。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: