Sofa placed with the knowledge of feng shui home for good luck guitarpro5

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Sofa placed in feng shui knowledge let good luck [Chu collocation Home Furnishing Home Furnishing introduction] sofa in the living room decoration is each must be configured, but you know you daily most often sit on the sofa also have pay attention to Feng Shui? You don’t look down upon the sofa in the living room feng shui knowledge, good layout is conducive to Home Furnishing good luck. When we will like the sofa to go home, how to put it sofa sofa display designer to tell you, but a university asked, in the residential fengshui, sofa placed occupies a very important position, sofa sets, shape, material, color, modelling is exquisite, is closely related to with the family fortune and career. So, the sofa display should follow the following principles: 1, sofa should be put in the home of Kyrgyzstan: sofa because it is the size of a daily sitting place, it is the focus of the family, if placed in the range is an auspicious, young and old can be in the range of natural gas, prosperous. But if it is placed in the wrong range is a jinx, both old and young will suffer, being restless. 2, behind the sofa should rely on the so-called rely on, namely: the patron, refers to the sofa after the wall is reliable, no worries, so as to meet the auspicious road. In the palace of the former chair, are made of natural marble for the back, on which the pattern to faint mountain is beautiful, is the truth. 3, to avoid the sofa bed: a cross beam coping coping, the victims only sleep one or two people in bed, but if there is a beam coping sofa is affected is the size of a great impact, therefore, must be avoided. If it is unavoidable, it can put two pots of bamboo in the coffee table on both sides, to grow up, the bamboo to be promoted step by step beam coping. 4, the sofa and the door does not hedge: if the sofa and the door into a straight line, called the "Feng Shui" on the contrary, the disadvantage is quite large, will lead to the loss of family, scattered scattered quartet. In this case, it is best to put away the sofa, in order to avoid conflict with the door, if nowhere to move, it had placed between the two screens, in this way, from the door of the air will not flow into the house into the sofa, the family will not be broken up and be able to gather, but also gas does not leak. 5, the sofa should not be bent straight: sofa in the living room of the important position, as if the country’s main port, must be able to take water, can thrive. Excellent port must have extended on both sides of bends, shaped like English letters of the word U, bend like arms outstretched arms around and around, and the center is the place of depression of Qi Feng Shui, can hide the wind poly gas, to achieve a small financial booming. If due to the limitation of environment, cannot control the arm from the sofa, you can settle in to another level display sofa, homemade "Shimonoseki sand" to greet in from the gate of the water, the water is formed, which is consistent with the auspicious road. The door and balcony some residential doors into a diagonal, in addition to set up, more need to water at the construction of the "Shimonoseki sand" to greet water, not to the water leakage from the gate. 6, sofa top should not have a direct light: sometimes the scope of the sofa light is weak, many people will be installed on the top of the sofa lighting, such as hidden in the ceiling相关的主题文章: