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SEO Faves is a social bookmarking site that allows users to submit and share website content through a browser button. Faves changed its name to Blue Dot in October 2007. Though Faves is somewhat similar to, it has more features that allow users to .municate with each other. Faves allows it user to rate on a content. The bookmarks that are posted to Faves will be displayed on the homepage of the user account. Faves was founded by two investors called Mohit Srivastava and Sumit Sen. Mohit Srivastava and Sumit Sen spent approximately $1.5 million to develop the Faves website. The initial purpose of the site development was to use the affialiate program to earn money from dotted websites. In 2007, the .pany renamed to Faves. However, the website still list Blue dot Inc as the founder and owner. Before you can use Faves, you must create an account. After creating an account, you should update the biography in the profile page. You can also upload a profile picture so that people will respect you as a serious member. To submit to Faves, you must install the Faves button on the toolbar. To install the Faves button, go to your usernames Faves for example Johns Faves. After that, you should click on the Set Up Faving on this Browser. Once you have added the Faves button, you can start to create bookmarks of your site on the web. The installation for the Faves button is brief and straightforward. You simply drag the Fave It! Or Faves.. buttons to your toolbar. The Faves button is .patible with all kinds of browser. Alternatively, you can install the Faves Firefox extension. After that, you should visit the site which you want to submit to Faves. Upon landing on the page, you are to click on the Faves button on your toolbar. The Faves submission page will pop up on the screen. You will see that the Add a Note field is prefilled with the META description which is obtained from the webpage. Instead of using the META description, you can enter a unique description to prevent duplication problem. The description is an introduction to the content on the page. In the Subject field, you must enter the title of the page. In the Tags field, you should enter keywords that describe your posts. The keywords that you use should be relevant to the content of the site. You should enter as many tags as possible to increase the chances of people finding your post. Each tag should be separated by a .ma. When you are done, you should click on the Publish button. Faves allows you to share your bookmarks with friends. To add a friend, you must click on the My Friends tab. In the column located on the right, you should type in the name of the subset group which contain the friends you want to associate. Next, you should click on the Create Friend List. Finally, you can check the box next to the Faves friends and add them to the friend list. Once you are finish, you can click on the Save Changes button. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: