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Really as long as a pan, you can fry the cake of the net red? Sohu eat and drink remember her sister’s mango French cake? Click the picture to see the recipe that she recently scored, Grace Community chowhound ah, thousand layer cake taste actually making cake emerge in an endless stream, and is not difficult, the main step is a layer of a layer of butter cream Griddle Cake, certainly must add your favorite fruit yo ~ to a Griddle Cake and cream Melaleuca fantasia! I believe there is always a dish that is you, quick to pick up ~ Oreo cake Oreo no longer twist soak lick, put it into a thousand layer cake, you can eat out of the ordinary ~ Oreo video? Preparation Griddle Cake 65g flour 7g cocoa 25g sugar 1 eggs 15g butter (melting) 120ml milk cream fillings 320ml 50g sugar 5ml vanilla 7 piece Oreo cookies decoration Mini Oreo cookies 1 bowls of flour in steps (sieve), sugar free cocoa powder (sieve), sugar, egg, butter (water, melt) milk, mixed evenly, spare batter. 2 pot fire, brush oil, into the amount of batter, fry for 30 seconds, fast turn over, and fry for 30 seconds, the remaining batter the same operation (about 15 pieces), Griddle Cake let coolreserve. 3 fresh cream, sugar and butter. Separately, 4 Oreo cookies out of the sandwich bag, roll into small pieces. Put a layer of Griddle Cake 5 cake turntable, wipe again a layer of cream, then sprinkle with Oreo cakes biscuits at the end, finally put a layer of Griddle Cake, until out of Griddle Cake. The cake is smeared with cream, as the top is decorated with cookies. Food after cold storage. Chocolate Raspberry Cake filled with Chocolate Raspberry Cream paste mixed Griddle Cake, a laminated layer, the taste is very rich, like chocolate, you don’t be too happy, oh ~ 12 1000ml preparation Griddle Cake egg milk butter (150g 250ml water water melting) 300g flour 80g dark chocolate powder 80g 5ml vanilla sugar fillings 2 cups of Raspberry 100g sugar 500ml cream 120g sugar 230g 5ml cream cheese vanilla decoration 2 cup raspberries 100g fine sugar bowl with 1 steps (flour sieve), egg, milk, water, butter, vanilla, sugar, cocoa powder, mixing evenly, put 10 minutes, let the bubble disappear. 2 pot fire, brush oil, take about 60g batter, flattened, fried for 1 minutes, turn over and fry for 30 seconds, Sheng, cooling. The remaining batter the same operation. 3 raspberry, sugar blender minced until no particles. The bowl with fresh cream, vanilla, sugar, cream cheese sent. Add the raspberry pulp, two evenly, Raspberry Cream spare. 4 put a layer of Griddle Cake, and then filled with a thin layer of raspberry cream. A thin layer of W相关的主题文章: