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Rat fund manager: elite group Kochi automatics each reporter Li Lei in recent years, often see the fund managers rat case broke, concern over, you will not have the slightest regret? Public information, the public fund industry practitioners 16 thousand people, while Wind data show that the number of fund managers in the first half of this year, but only 1324 people. In other words, in this industry is quite high demand for practitioners, the basic is in the 12 public fund practitioners can be a fund manager. If you put this number in the number of employees up to millions of big financial industry, it is better to reflect the scarcity of fund managers and valuable. This group of people holding resources, could have more information, from a certain extent affect the direction of the market, it seems to stand on the top of the Pyramid. But turn to the other side of the coin, they also face the temptation of ubiquitous interests. Those who did not resist the temptation, rush into danger even breaking the law of the rat fund managers, mostly have glory, but now disgraced and even jail. What kind of people are they? Do you have something in common? Why should take big condemnation to self destruct? The best financial survey after many cattle, drew a portrait for them, do not. Kochi, elite is the standard financial statistics and the trial court only cow punishment SFC rat fund managers in recent years found that the related professional university, master of the famous brand economy is almost the standard fund manager. In the above statistics to be included in the category of "rat fund manager, graduated from the people’s Bank of Chinese Ministry of health master 3, master of the Tsinghua University 2, Nanjing University 2 master, other domestic universities overseas universities Master 5, master 3, and a PhD in economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Previously, the industry on the market stock fund fund manager of education statistics, in the partial stock funds, 23 fund managers, 558 undergraduate degree, only to master, only 80, about 1:28:4. Incomplete statistics show that rat fund manager qualifications average more than a length, is the basic level of master. Educational background promotion path smooth good of course is a good astepping-stone to success, but entered the fund company after the performance is the key to determine its occupation career is prosperous. No cattle found financial statistics, promotion almost all rat fund managers are quite successful, some even can be said to "rise directly to a high position". From the beginning into the fund analyst, senior analyst at fund manager assistant, to be alone and further promoted to fund managers, investment director, deputy general manager and other senior management positions, the fund practitioners of the ideal promotion path probably so. The difference is that a large public fund, said, from graduation to fund managers may be about 10 years, and to do a good job, it is possible to fund managers". The statistics to be included in the "rat" most managers did not take so long time, some even skip some stage, direct promotion fund manager and other positions. But it also reflects another aspect, the crowd’s IQ and EQ.相关的主题文章: