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Properly worried and easy to live longer? 6 kinds of longevity psychology — Hainan channel — according to the U.S. "Science Daily" reported recently, a new study found that the relationship between psychology and longevity, some seemingly bad psychological activity in longevity. The study lasted 20 years, involving a total of 1528 participants. Howard, a professor of psychology at the University of California in the United States, S Friedman and? R, according to the study, lists many psychological factors that affect longevity in the book "longevity plan". Appropriate worry. The study found that children who were said to be "unusually happy and optimistic" or "never worried" were less likely to live longer. Friedman said: "we often hear advice is: to be happy, to be happy, so as to be healthy. However, new research shows that worrying is sometimes a good thing." A number of studies have shown that proper care is good for health, especially for men. Because the heart will worry about something, consider all the possibilities, be prepared against want. Do the things you like. The study found that middle-aged active exercise is key to longevity. People who have a problem with their own bodies, who have vowed to start a campaign, often struggle to persevere. To be interested in their activities, but also to adhere to. Friedman said, as long as you can stand up from the chair, do what you like, such as flowers and vegetables, carpenter, dog, go to the museum. Not overly optimistic. Study on the German El Langen – Nuremberg university a 40 thousand celebrities, over optimistic people are more likely to do some high risk behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, such as drag racing, encounter in 10 years higher risk of disability or death. The more pessimistic about the future may be more emphasis on health and safety, but also know how to protect themselves, and encourage people around to act together. Enjoy social. A new study by the University College London in the United States, the Academy of Sciences, found that, regardless of whether the heart is lonely, no social will increase the risk of death in older people. On the contrary, social life can be increased, and relatives and friends to keep in touch with others can help. A small number of people, actively participate in community activities or volunteer activities have the same effect. Maintain a sense of accomplishment. Many people think that the early retirement as well. But the new study found that, compared with the early retirement of the elderly who have nothing to do, continue to do some work after retirement, the elderly live longer. A comfortable working environment and a sense of achievement can keep people happy, scientists say. Dr. Martin said that the possibility of successful people die less. There are a lot of people who pursue goals tend to live longer. Serious attitude. The study found that a serious attitude in childhood is a sign of longevity. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: