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[picture] Select teacher, why should I go to school for children – Sohu maternal guidance, everything in the world is so strange, there are many problems waiting for them to understand. Reading is a matter of children the most happy, they are willing to acquire the knowledge they want from the book, children’s book is the primary way to satisfy their curiosity, so a good picture book should be able to enrich children’s spiritual world. "Teacher, why should I go to school" in this book. Little Phil grew up and went to school. When he entered the school, the first question is "teacher, why do I go to school?" It is difficult to answer the question of what is taken for granted in the eyes of most people. Performance can be inquisitive and also the children, the teacher has got the answer in Phil is not willing to give up exploring, he asked the school all exist, bells, stairs, boy, chairs, colored pencils, ball, dolls, fork, even the trees outside the window, the story of the teacher witty answer people overwhelmed with admiration for: "I think our school is to ask questions, then search for the answer." Click on the bottom of the audio title to listen to 9:38 teacher, why do I want to go to school from the children’s books of the Philippines to the school age, Maomao Xiong Zuofu accompanied him to school. But he is still a little puzzled, why do they go to school? Today’s school opened! Teacher, why do you want to go to school? "What a strange question you ask!" The teacher said in surprise, "but I don’t have much time to answer your question now, because I have to meet other children. You go ahead!" Phil walked slowly through the campus, mouth muttering: "well, I go to school, don’t know why." Phil Xiong Zuofu said: "the idea of Mao Da La Da Da, if the teacher is not long enough, we have to ask someone else……" jingle bell! The bells ringing in the school! Phil slowly approached the strange creature. Bell, you say, why do you want to come to school? The Bell said in a serious tone, "listen, all the people have to go to school. You see, when I call, everyone will go to the classroom." "Oh, my God, this bell is not funny at all."!" "He told you all to come to school, but not to tell you why you were here!" Maybe you shouldn’t ask questions at school." Phil said. Zuo Fu pulled his sleeve and said: "you da da da, if the bell can’t answer your questions, then we have to ask someone else… Maybe… The big stairs will know it." So Phil began to climb the stairs. Stairs, you say, why do you want to go to school? "Ah! I’ve been here for years!" The stairs gasped and said, "I’m tired every day, so I don’t have the strength to think about it." Climbing to the railing of the stairs相关的主题文章: