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People’s Daily: E-sports will drive the development of the IT industry in the summer heat wave –IT– people, just the end of the Rio Olympics in Brazil become the focus. The athletes are struggling to win glory for the country, the practice of "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic motto. But you know what? On the Internet, there is also a respected "faster, higher, stronger" arena, its name is called e-sports". In 2003, E-sports was listed as the ninety-ninth National Sports General administration. So why is E-sports sports? In the traditional sense, "Sports" should be strong against human muscles, the sweat runs down like raindrops. But it is not the case, the game does not rely on the muscles of the brain, confrontational and not weakened. Billiards, but Ding Junhui never is not the sweat runs down like raindrops, sports stars. Electronic sports and go, billiards similar. Mouse and keyboard is the "club", the Internet is the "board", and the screen tableau is its "black and white" or "red ball". Players with the mouse keyboard command of the virtual image on the Internet, and the command of the virtual image of the opponent, through a certain rules of the game. It means coordination, reaction speed, test strategy and calculation ability, also only "faster, higher and stronger" people can win. Perhaps many people do not know, E-sports is now very large scale. In the Rio Olympic Games held at the same time, an electronic athletics contest TI6 also conducted in the United states. The total prize is close to $20 million, the champion team can get more than 8 million U.S. dollars, most of the participants are young people under the age of 25. 2015 TI5, the world has more than 28 million spectators watched the game, even more than the number of NBA finals. In addition there are statistics, last year the global gaming toll reached 188 million people, China have 84 million 600 thousand people, accounting for 45%. E-sports imitate the reality of the image, relying on the IT technology. Over the past decade, the development of IT technology makes e-sports thrive. Thin LED screen instead of the CRT screen, enhance the e-sports spectator. The film keyboard is upgraded to a mechanical keyboard, and the roller mouse is upgraded to a photoelectric mouse, which provides more competitive space for the e-sports players. The most important change is the field of the Internet, the initial MODEM dial-up Internet only 56K per second, and now broadband to reach 20M per second 100M, up 1000 times. It is worth mentioning that these new products not only make E-sports more exciting, but also to allow the whole society to enjoy the convenience of IT. The development of e-sports, will also drive the IT industry in turn to high, fine, sharp development. 2016, IT technology is still in the development of new moon. VR equipment, 5G mobile network, the Internet big data in stride forward singing militant songs changes to society, not only, also for electronic sports to provide a solid foundation for comprehensive take-off. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 02 August (18 Edition): Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: