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Nearly half of the ivory tower to become more and more recognized by the university students to spend money to send paper medicine is not just medical, human factors for medical, medical science and technology is also very important. Fudan University Shanghai School of medicine and medical humanities "lecture" this semester second meeting class, Chinese Academy of Engineering Hongyang Academician Wang was entitled "live interactive elements of Humanities" in medical science research teaching. Students from Ocean University of China, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Yanbian University and other colleges and universities through the wisdom of the tree network immersive classroom, to participate in classroom interaction. Focusing on the theme of this meeting, academician Wang Hongyang mentioned in the medical science research is particularly noteworthy in the three elements of humanity, namely the spirit of innovation, teamwork and moral standards. First, the spirit of innovation is the core of scientific research, followed by the development of medicine is the crystallization of collective wisdom. Another very important aspect of ethics." Academician Wang Hongyang said. In the classroom, the academician Wang Hongyang is also the wisdom of the tree network platform launched a vote on the understanding of academic misconduct, a short period of time, there are more than 900 students to participate. The poll results show that half of the students think that "commissioned by commercial organizations to provide experimental data and published papers and pay the relevant fees" does not belong to the academic misconduct, academician Wang Hongyang emphasized that this money to buy paper, buy data absolutely belongs to academic misconduct, the so-called "ruin a lifetime career". Academician Wang Hongyang seriously told students, academic misconduct hinder scientific progress, we must adopt a zero tolerance attitude. "In medical research, only by adhering to the source of innovation, advocating teamwork, and adhere to scientific research integrity in order to climb the peak of science at the same time to achieve their dream of life." After class, the students in the class of Fudan University said, Academician Wang the knowledge about clear moral bottom line to them, then one has a moral will be an upward force, these cultural things will give people a kind of power, so that doctors have a responsibility to play the moral. Academician Wang Hongyang said in an interview with reporters, "set the humanistic problems related to humanities and medicine" course, whether it is from morality, solve the doctor-patient relationship, from their future practice to solve the obstacles in the process, will be very important knowledge base. "In the teaching process, not only the medical students to participate in, there are a lot of Polytechnic University and other engineering college students are very enthusiastic to participate in the discussion, this is a very good attempt to cultivate talents of interdisciplinary cooperation and cross discipline, it is worth learning in him," Wang Hongyang said. Reporters learned that the joint planning of Wen Yumei from Fudan University, Professor Peng Yuwen and Professor Yu Wujin’s late philosophy department of Humanities and medicine "and" wisdom tree network to create a joint operation, has run the fourth semester, a total of more than more than and 150 national universities, more than 50 thousand students enrolled in this course, which accounted for half of non medical students. (Oriental Network)相关的主题文章: