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UnCategorized The modern racing and placed rules governed by Nascar began to be.e popular very quickly. Sponsorship arrived from the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco .pany. These men were searching for an outlet to market their merchandise, as they were banned from TV promotions. In 1971, the Winston Cup became the top series. In the late 1970s, numerous Nascar races began making inclined phone reportage. In 1979, the Daytona 500 race was televised across the nation. A blizzard on the eastern board of the states ensured that it was a much-watched event. The dramatic conclusion of this race, which had a fistfight between the leading race drivers, increased the popularity and the spectacular out.e of these races. The .petitive structure of the races also changed with the popularity of these Nascar races. The dollar element and championship points in the races became an important .ponent. Nextel Cup – When Nextel initially took over the sponsorship from Winston, the races were then referred to as The Nextel Cup. It is one of the most popular races and has the highest level of .petition in Nascar. Nascar Busch Series – More often than not, this is used as a practice session by drivers who want to participate in the Nascar Nextel. The Busch series is second to the Nextel, but hardly .pares since it has fewer races, and a smaller amount of prize money but other than that one can’t really tell the difference between the two. Nascar Craftsman Truck Series – This is the third national division of Nascar which is incredibly popular! Its popularity attributed to the fact that instead of cars, heavily modified pickup are utilized to race. At first, it was considered to be an unusual process of racing but then the popularity simply grew without confines. It also has it’s individual set of fans and drivers as well. Other Popular Nascar Races – Nascar has also purchased Cascar, the Canadian racing car series. This is amongst the 4 top racing series by Nascar. Nascar also endorses the dodge weekly racing series in which many local racers .pete against each other. The winner is eventually crowned the dodge weekly champ of the nation. Besides this, three sectional racing classes also .e under Nascar. They are the Whelen modified tour, which has modified open wheel cars; the Grand National division; and the AutoZone west series. Whatever be of the race or the cars, .petition for glory has never been the same since Nascar was formed! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: