Mental Cross Currents Can Cause You To Be.e

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Self-Improvement Have you ever been to a global spiritual event or fair? If you have, did you notice something really interesting about the attendees in these events? In my experience, having attended quite a few global spiritual events, I have noticed that there is a visibly high percentage of attendees who are mentally imbalanced, and some of them obviously mentally ill. Many seem to be talking to themselves or to entities who are hanging around their aura. (Please don’t tell me that these people are tuning to their higher guides. I am a channel myself and I don’t go around walking down the street talking to my higher guides in plain view of the public. There is a time and place for everything. And for the most part, my ‘conversations’ with my own guides happen mostly intuitively.) I observed these people who may be suffering from mental imbalance without any judgment, but it inspired me to question and research why spiritual fairs are magnets for the psychologically imbalanced. And I learned many things some of which I would like to share here. Psychologically imbalanced people need help. But what they need is not so much spiritual help but more in the area of mental health. Spiritual events are attractive to them because the light gives them something to latch on as a form of release but in some strange way the light also feeds their imbalance, just magnifying the imbalance causing them to act even more irrationally and senselessly. But they have no way of knowing this because their consciousness is so corrupted and they just go around in circles. And interesting too, many of them are quite gifted in the area of psychism, clairvoyance and so on. But they do not have the mental capacity to have control over their gifts. And more often than not, are victims of their gifts which make them really ideal hosts for lower and negative entities. Many people who are new to the spiritual new age path are often taken in by the glamour of channeling, psychism, inner seeing and so on. (I know this because I was taken in by the glamours too for a short while.) And before these newbies are even psychologically equipped, they plunge right into wanting to see auras, tuning into energies, or wanting to channel the masters and angels thinking that these gifts are indications of how spiritually evolved one is. How evolved can one be if one is clairvoyant but insane? Many who learn these psychic and spiritual skills then pick up any energies that .e their way. They want to work with ascended masters and they also want to work with guides and ‘angels’ with the most outrageous vibrations (as though they have been in and out of a microwave oven!) and who are not operating from an evolved level of consciousness. If you want to channel from ascended masters’ level of consciousness, do not work with lower psychic energies and vibrations. You will only experience mental cross currents, easily lose focus, not achieve your goals, leak energies and experience a form of insanity! I have time and time again counseled so many gifted channels and healers on this, some have heeded the advice, many have not. It is hard to tell someone who is inside the well what they can see on the outside. The only way they can see what’s on the outside is when they climb out of the well. Unfortunately, many do not see a need to get out of the well. If nothing else inspires a person, perhaps reminding them that their sanity (or insanity for that matter) is the only thing they will take with them when they cross over to the spirit world may just do the trick. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: