Medical treatment is difficult to solve Shanghai four pediatric radiation how stronger energy sayu-02

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To solve the difficult medical   Shanghai "four pediatric" how radiation energy stronger Shanghai channel — original title: the pediatric clinic Lengrebujun phenomenon, five regional pediatric medical conjoined building Shanghai started East and West, South and North, to solve the medical treatment is difficult, "four big pediatric" how radiation more energy mapping Ge Xiaochan Wang Meijie: in September 20th, by the Ruijin hospital, Huangpu District health and Family Planning Commission and jointly established the central Shanghai children’s Hospital Pediatric Medical Association officially launched. So far, the city’s East, West, South, north, the five regions of the pediatric medical association has started construction. In recent years, the number of pediatric clinic often overwhelmed: a single hospital highest average daily outpatient quantity can reach more than 8000 people, children and parents frequently queue five or six hours working time, doctors often extended to 10 hours, 12 hours, or even overnight to 3 am the next day. In order to alleviate the difficult treatment of children, pediatric personnel and resources optimization layout of the city since last year to start the construction of the medical conjoined in pediatrics, pediatric hospital, children’s Hospital, children’s medical center and Xinhua Hospital "four big pediatric" as the core, through technical support and promotion of regional radiation, driven by other medical institutions and the development of Pediatrics the service level, satisfy the clinical demand aspects of pediatric common disease. The uneven distribution of resources, regional coordinated development in Shanghai, "the famous four big pediatric", parents of children with medical treatment is preferred. In the "big four" crowded at the same time, a set of other medical institutions but in pediatrics. There are no patients, a shrinking discipline, a loss of doctors, a shrinking discipline, a loss of doctors, and a lack of patients". "Parents have a mostly curing thinking: if a hospital to see the famous children’s Difficult miscellaneous diseases, even if is cold have a fever of the common diseases, also want to go to the hospital." Children’s hospital outpatient hall, the parents of the children Zhang said. City Planning Commission official said that the construction of pediatrician conjoined basic motive, is to further develop the "four pediatric" influence, change to absorb the surrounding resources of "siphon effect" for output resources "radiation effect". The shortage of resources in the Department of Pediatrics suburbs for example, union after the establishment of the core lead units were targeted aid suburban pediatric, hope built trusted in the pediatric children home, get a comfortable and convenient pediatric clinic experience. Children’s Hospital Dean Yu Guangjun introduction, in the support of the children’s Hospital, now Central Hospital of Shanghai Jiading District, Anting hospital, Jiading District maternal and child health care hospital, newborn children have their own characteristics. This year, relying on the City Planning Commission "pediatric outpatient service demonstration project construction in Nanxiang hospital as a pilot, promote pediatric labeling, dressing, treatment process and standard treatment, pediatric drug homogeneity work. Pediatric hospital was founded in April 2014, the city’s first conjoined twins, has achieved initial success in Jinshan District. In 2015, Jinshan Hospital Statistics, the hospital pediatric outpatient increase of 16.7% compared to the same period in 2014, from 2012 to 2015, the number of pediatric infusion or as high as 40.7%, the rate of antibiotic use from more than 70% to about 40%, the occurrence of pediatric disputes. It happens that there is a similar case。 Children’s Medical Center相关的主题文章: