Mechanism grading a has not yet seen the top

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Organization: grade A has not yet peaked We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Agency: classification A also peaked farewell unilateral months rose last week, A grading index showed Lianyin trend, one week or up to 1.15%. Some agencies believe that the short term, grade A may have entered the adjustment channel, the current liquidity grade A market decline in the four quarter of the market funds face more intense, do not rule out the organization therefore sell grade A, grade A price pressure; in addition, affected by the policy, the bond market is also in a state of adjustment, classification of A has also been implicated but at present, determine the grade A peaked too early. Chinese newspaper reporter Zhang Xiaocui last year after the fund performance crash grade A darling, recently began to significantly weaker into the adjustment channel, last week, in the book classification A index has been showing Lianyin trend in the stock market index fund grading permit robust single week decline of 1.15%. However, in the industry view, the market outlook will continue to grade A market, if you experience a substantial short-term adjustment, or bring market opportunities. In addition, because of the implied yields continued downward current classification of A, the future situation up converting reproduction. The short-term adjustment and performance of the bond market on 2016 is grade A Daniel years has almost become an indisputable fact, the categories of assets in grade A price index can be described as "Yiqijuechen", Wind data show that the increase in stock market index fund grading permit robust YTD reached 13.78%. However, in just the past week, A index grading has Lianyin trend, one week or up to 1.15% since the beginning of 26 October hit the biggest one-day decline, a drop of 0.71%. With the classification of the overall premium A transactions, investors on the top of the concern is more and more heavy, whether the inflection point has now? In the short term, grading A may have entered the adjustment channel. First of all, the current liquidity grade A market decline, but the four quarter market funds face more intense, do not rule out the organization for financial reasons to sell the grade A grade A, so the price pressure; in addition, the bond market also in a state of adjustment, both A grade bond properties, and is currently a substantial premium trading state, short-term enter the adjustment also can hardly be avoided." China and Thailand securities financial engineering chief analyst Ma Gang told reporters. "In the current market environment, the bond property classification of A play a leading role in the short term bond into the callback occasion, grade A price index into the callback is normal, the price index fell short of grade A, grade A does not mean that the market has" a spent force ", a venture capital investment manager of Beijing background told reporters. The reporter combing data found, although this year the price index of a A grade road rally rainbow, but which also experienced a few slight adjustment. According to reporter statistics, the first ten months of this year, the A index fell more than a single day of the theory of相关的主题文章: