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Networking Today social networking is something that is occupying a very important role in the social lives of the .mon people. But what actually is this social network? Social network in simple language means to develop relationship with society members. However with passage of time, the definition of society has also changed a lot. Now society means a group of people having alike thinking. Also these days society not only exists near the home only, but it exists even on the Internet. Such .munity of the like-minded people that exists on Internet is known as the social network. The process of staying in touch regularly is known by the name of social networking. This mode of online social networking has be.e extremely popular in recent times, especially among the college-going youngsters, working class and not to forget the elderly citizens as well. The basic idea behind the creation of this social network on Online channels of interaction is that people can stay connected with their distant acquaintances without paying any significant amount in return. Some of these websites even offer the chance to send free text messages and even allow the users to call for free. So those who have high-end personal .puters at their home enabled with high-speed Internet connection can certainly take the advantage of this remarkable facility. While those who doesn’t have one, can rush to their nearest cybercafes, and make the most of it. Even the big corporate houses have now recognised the importance of this online social networking. This type of business networking online reduces the expenditure that these big corporate houses incur on regular basis on effecting .munication between the branches. This revolutionary method of .munication also helps these corporate houses to channelise the savings (as a result of this investment) for the welfare of employees and business. It also helps them to monitor the performance and effect better coordination between the branches situated around the world. Some corporate houses having realised the potential of these online social networks are now willing to invest in this budding business. So as a user don’t be surprised if you witness a flood of these social networking websites in the near future. Of late social networking has be.e a craze among the people especially among the young generation people. Many famous websites that initiate these online social .work such as orkut, Hi-Fi and new players are making the job easier for the people now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: