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"Seaweed wrapped submarine Inventors: consider the anti haze new network laser – recently, netizens dubbed the" director "strategy flicker Bureau known military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong, the" kelp wrapped submarine "idea has become the national invention patent. Kelp wrapped submarine is Zhang Zhaozhong in the CCTV new defense program program, which has been controversial. Henan University of Science and Technology, a college graduate as inspiration, combined with their own school of mechanical and electronic control knowledge, invented a "screw propeller for underwater defense system", the patent has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, this caused hot friends. Kelp wrapped around the sea, the controversial tangle wrapped around the submarine is Zhang Zhaozhong in 2013 in a military program presented in the CCTV program. At that time, he explained in the program, the United States nuclear submarines will not be in the Yellow Sea, the problem, once proposed, because the water is too shallow, more than and 50 meters, very few places to reach seventy or eighty meters. Then you submarine in the water to go, and now the people to raise the kelp, so thick that nylon rope, it is easy to give you twist". After this program, kelp wrapped submarine quickly became another famous Zhang Zhaozhong. Netizens have questioned whether kelp wrapped submarine is too simple. Although Zhang Zhaozhong has repeatedly explained the related theory, but still can not stop the spread of rushed screens. Since then, kelp wrapped submarine has become a well-known label Zhang Zhaozhong, and even netizens dubbed the strategic fudge Bureau Secretary, referred to as the seat". "Kelp wrapped submarine" into a patent "kelp wrapped submarine" patent application appeared in the news a long time ago, defense new observation program group received a letter from fans. The writer is a Henan University of Science and Technology graduate students in the school, according to general Zhang Zhaozhong claiming the nylon rope wrapped around the submarine idea, designed for a defense system of screw propeller under water, and the national invention patent. Beijing Youth Daily reporter inquiry found that "a patent on July 1, 2014 to apply for the defense system of screw propeller underwater, in October 29th the same year was publicized in June 8th this year, authorized by the State Intellectual Property office. According to the introduction, the invention is a defense system for screw propeller under water, including wring device, used to control the central control device and wring control line for transmission control center output signal, used nylon rope to the invasion of the submarine propeller lost power. The utility model has the advantages of little damage, no pollution after use, and can achieve the purpose of not destroying each other’s submarines and capturing the other side of the submarine. The face of the fans with practical action for his "name", Zhang Zhaozhong in his public platform "block called loyalty" in response to say: "no China strategic flicker bureau", some sense of a scholar. Is it true? Familiar with the patent field of Beijing yuan create intellectual property agency partner Zhang Bingnan told reporters BYD, according to the patent law twenty-sixth paragraph third: the specification shall describe the invention or utility model made clear and complete description of the technical field of Han Technology相关的主题文章: