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Build-Muscle In this article lets look at what we should do and why we should make sure that we do not let too much time pass between our sets. We are performing these sets to get the most out of our body building workouts, to grow and strengthen our muscles and to see and feel the results. When performing multiple sets in your workout and you want muscle growth it is vital that you get your muscles to overload. If you give the muscle group you are training too much time to rest and recover in between sets then there is no overload of the muscle fiber, meaning no growth. How long between sets is short? : No more than two minutes, shorter if possible. This should be an adequate rest period for your mind to refocus and body stay stimulated between sets. Why should I rest in between sets? : You do not want to give the muscle you just worked time to rejuvenate, but then again you want to mind to be ready and focused for the next set and be fully recovered from the last set. So shorter time to keep the muscle overloaded but long enough to be refocused on your next set for intensity purposes. Plus keeping the rest periods short keeps the whole workout process in a more condensed time frame, which in turn adds more intensity to your training and that is what you need in your body building workouts, intense, focused, weight training exercise for fast muscle gains. Can I cut rest times even shorter? : It is not re.mended to rest for less than 60 seconds when performing weight lifting exercises due to the mental focus that is required for each work set. Warm up sets and performing sets where burning calories for fat loss is the case, you can shorten rest periods to 60 seconds, just make sure your focus and form are in tact. Now you can see why shortened rest periods between your sets are an important part of the whole in your body building workouts. And when you add this to the other methods that you can learn below you will have an explosive muscle building routine About the Author: 相关的主题文章: