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Karen Mok, "we have come to the" parting Nanshe   around a desire to enter the photography – Shaanxi channel — original title: Karen Mok, "we have come to the" around a parting Nanshe to enter the photography world today, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" Xinjiang will usher in the ending of the station, just came back from a holiday in Europe "goddess" Karen Mok accepted the media interview. Karen Mok admitted that the recording of the 6 stations in the city, most of their appetite is the Xinjiang station. The program recording growing her at the last station performance by leaps and bounds. We talked about "come" recorded what feelings, Karen Mok said 9 good friends and a happy team the most regret. Karen Mok said Carina Lau is "big sister", said: "the taste of Xinjiang station too"! When asked Karen Mok to "we come", the 6 stations along down impression of each guest, Karen Mok said: "we are very happy to know Ka-ling sister, although previously in Hongkong have the opportunity to meet and chat, but the real cooperation and harmony, this is the first time." She also said: "Ka-ling is a very good care of everyone in our team, and I’m happy to finally be able to work with her." And said Carina Lau really is a big sister"! Karen said, I particularly like this episode of Xinjiang, too much for my taste, because I like the taste of exotic places. For example, those games we play in the desert, I feel very exciting, just have fun, then you can also ride a camel, see a very beautiful sunset sunset, feeling the music especially strong, they heard a drum dance, I the whole people really high up! Karen Mok made no effort to hide her love of Xinjiang to wrap station. She felt to Xinjiang, can now singing, now dancing and the release of their own emotions. In the last big party, Karen Mok also sang "play the tambourine sing the song". She said that before the adaptation of the song, and the song is also from Xinjiang this place, so there is a feeling. Karen sweet and show loving husband, laughing to enter the world of photography, Karen Mok said that she and her husband from Europe to celebrate the 5 anniversary of marriage back. Also jokes that if can put an ideal holiday, is to go to a place I’ve never been. And said: "of course, for me, is to go with her husband, with a loved one to see a special place, together with the feeling of new things, I think it is a great thing!" Karen Mok said that this time, we have come to a lot of different places, the scenery is very beautiful, very different, she also brought a new camera, everywhere to shoot landscapes, people and animals. She said with a smile, "feel the camera technology is really good!" Even joked that if there is a chance to participate in the photo contest! Karen Mok said in the recording of "we have come to the" happiest place, every once in a while, 10 good friends with the entire team and get together to go to a new place, then happy to try some new things, "see the world" feeling experience. This feeling is her favorite, but also the most reluctant. "We have come to the" end of the station will be staged, Karen Mok what a wonderful performance? Please watch)相关的主题文章: