Kai Chen T90 fashion tour’s first stop in Beijing sail vy canis majoris

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Kai Chen T90 fashion tour’s first stop in Beijing sail in October 28th, Kai Chen T90 stunning airborne Beijing, officially opened the case of stunning · different Kai Chen T90 city tour of the big screen. In this regard, Dongfeng Nissan sales headquarters full-time deputy chief venucia division headquarters minister Hong Hao said, "as a Kai Chen brand flagship model, T90 represents the highest level of venucia current technology, but also on the young brand line practice. The city tour, there will be important significance to upgrade the brand." Kai Chen T90 "met stunning · big difference" with? It is time to watch an amazing car tour was a move a quiet, stunning departure Beijing Wanda Plaza Tongzhou tour, racket, streams of people busily coming and going. Open the cool booth, vibrant dance performances, the scene also open up a fresh outlook full sense of technology interaction, attracted people, come out. Dreamy smoke, T90 stunning debut at 11 in the morning, vibrant ceremony officially began. Looking forward to harbor two Kai Chen Fan approached the booth, when the hands touch the glass booth, dark screen, palm shape energy accumulation ring flashed, and collect stars light beam Kai Chen Logo, at the same time, the spring and autumn and winter, the changing seasons traffic video broadcast, not only perfect interpretation Kai Chen T90’s strong product performance, also let the audience as personally on the scene. And then, the light show will be resplendent with variegated coloration booth glass cover up into a huge dream box, with dreamy smoke, platform to screen the screen lights up, at the scene of the amazing sound as one falls, another rises, the smoke slowly cleared, lights, T90 stunning debut. Kai Chen fans together lit a moment as stunning as stunning debut and sci-fi blockbuster darling T90 Promo loop, let each love Kai Chen fans could not help but feel proud. A young guy can not bear the joy of heart, the spot to his girlfriend to marry him, in a promise to him, promised him cheers, Kai Chen family new members T90 and thousands of fans in Beijing witnessed this touching moment. And the dynamic music, the dancers are brisk steps, drives with every audience’s heart, full of romantic pink atmosphere of the Beijing tour, as a young marine. Romantic moment! Guy scene brave confession amazing audience! Different! SUV Yan amazing value, "wind carving aesthetics" mobile art Yan Spring Four: "China" summer "colourful" autumn "real" winter "drunk" stunning, not only is the debut process activity in the field of Kai Chen T90. Different from the traditional SUV, Kai Chen T90 Yan opened another peak value. In the "wind carving aesthetics" design language, draw inspiration from nature, each cutting line cadence, like the wind force moment on the hard rock, to carve out the tangible intangible in sharpness. The Yi form show the motion edge domineering, India hot grille and electroplating process is more exquisite and elegant collocation, mirror cutting technology of large 19 inch wheels, and without a body line.相关的主题文章: