Jingmen Longquan patrol to catch wild jargon arrested 7 drug addicts dataload

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Jingmen Longquan patrol to catch wild jargon "arrested 7 drug addicts after a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Jingmen Longquan patrol in the early (September 6th) has completed the task to grasp the current base, to aim at the last minute, Ping Dongbao summer offensive security initiative, a day after playing at boom. In September 18th, police on patrol in the process of accident "eavesdropping" to a "wild jargon" which arrested 7 drug addicts. 23 pm the same day, the patrol team captain Liu Jing led the patrol in the streets surrounding the building, suddenly heard the phone from the construction of a Street East Lane inner voice, vaguely heard a man was saying "meet" such as "goods" of a series of strange words. After analysis, Liu Jing think this is drug-related "quack jargon" then led 4 players to continue tracking to call the man, while the arrangement of the 4 players were building on the street at two things at the entrance inspection. At 23:31, Liu Jing line near the track to export a household construction of Nan Xiang door, found 5, 6 men in the distance around, from time to time at East West, call the man with the phone is in your pocket. Seeing this, Liu Jing quickly and quietly inform the other 4 players from the east along the street and the construction of port construction to the Baiyun Avenue East entrance guard Nan Xiang, 5, 6 men approached the side decisively screamed at not far away. The things on both sides of the dispatched chase, the success of the 7 suspects control. The back to the 7 test, the results were positive. Through online verification, 7 people were called Luo Moumou (male, 23 years old, Shayang people), Lu Moumou (male, 45 years old, Shayang people), Chen Moumou (male, 25 years old, Jingmen people), Lu Moumou (male, 30 years old, Zhongxiang people), Tang Moumou (male, 19 years old. Chongqing), Sohn (male, 30 years old, Duodao people), Xu Moumou (male. 29 years old, Duodao people). After the examination, Xu Moumou confessed that night invited Luo Moumou, Lu Moumou, Moumou, Lu Moumou, Tang Moumou, Sohn located in the construction of Nan Xiang rental meet together, ready to smoke fruit. At the same time, Xu Moumou, Luo Moumou, Lu Moumou, Moumou, Lu Moumou, Tang Moumou, sun confessed illegal facts are on the evening of September 15th in a hotel Duodao to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with smoke fruit. At present, drug-related personnel Xu Moumou, Luo Moumou, Lu Moumou, Moumou, Lu Moumou, Tang Moumou, Sohn has been given administrative penalties of detention; gambling Xia Yu was given the punishment of administrative detention, Zhang Xu and Zhao Feng were given administrative fines. (correspondent Long Xuan) sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: