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Wouldn’t you want your company to be confident in its ability to deliver desired products or services consistently to meet or exceed all needs and expectations? Does your business strive to be reliable in terms of methods, materials, equipment and interactions with all activities of the organization? Quality management systems [QMS] involve organizational structures, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement proper quality management. With quality management you can be confident in preventing good practices from slipping and place your company in reach of achieving quality certifications. ISO Ready assists firms with preparation for ISO and other certifications. With over 30 years of quality management experience behind them, ISO Ready has their methods of preparation perfected. For assistance in documenting, training, and establishing your quality management system, ISO Ready provides a Turnkey Consulting service. This includes implementing a quality management system concurrently with the training of staff through a 10-step program. 1.Gap Assessment: On-site visits will be conducted for a specialist to meet with the process owner. Within the meeting, the company’s current processes are compared to the requirements for the quality management system. The ISO Ready specialist can then identify the holes needed to be filled and establish what resources are essential. 2.Document Generation: Documents are generated based on the assessment conducted between the company’s current process and the quality management system requirements. 3.Document Review: The ISO Ready specialist conducts a document review and approval meeting with the process owner. 4.Training: A training program is implemented for the entire staff. ISO Ready ensures the necessary training for each employee for proper understanding and knowledge of their roles within the company. This training process can be accomplished through classroom training, self-study and quizzing, or on the job training. 5.Implementation: Routine visits to the facility are conducted by the specialist to ensure the proper execution of the QMS. 6.Internal Audit: A thorough internal audit of QMS is performed by the specialist. If further training is required, the ISO Ready specialist will provide additional guidance. 7.Continuous Improvement: Once the internal audit is complete, remedial actions are generated between the specialist and the process owner to improve deficient areas. 8.Management Review Meeting: A meeting is held to discuss every data topic and to identify opportunities for enhancement. 9.Continuous Improvement: The ISO Ready specialist along with the process owner implements the corrective and/or preventative measures that were generated during the management review meeting. 10.Registration Audit: The ISO Ready specialist will be on-site during the registration audit. ISO Ready prepares businesses with the tools to achieve quality certification for several systems such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, FDA Compliance, cGMP Compliance, CMDCAS Compliance, MDD Compliance, OHSAS 18001, AS9100 Rev. C, TS 16949, ISO 22000, HACCP, TL 9000, ISO 14001, and ISO 17025. With the assistance of ISO Ready, your business will be proud of its quality management system. Organizational structure, responsibility, methods, data management, processes, resources, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and product quality are equal elements of quality management. ISO Ready can assist your companys quality management system to ensure you are ready for the quality certification you need. For more information please visit Isoready. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: