I am not Pan Jinlian Fan Bingbing praised Wuhan roadshow as admission

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"I am not Pan Jinlian" Fan Bingbing praised Wuhan roadshow as Tencent entertainment admission directed by Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, Fan Bingbing starred in the comedy movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the November 18th National release. In October 24th, Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, Fan Bingbing three creative will bring the work to Wuhan, and the Hubei Provincial Writers Association President, a famous writer Fang Fang, in Huazhong Normal University to participate in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" viewing activities and "comedy humor challenge" seminar. This is the movie won the best film, the Spanish San Sebastian Film Festival Best Actress Award, three creative together for the first time standing in front of the audience, talk about the movie, comedy talk about those things. Liu Zhenyun: Frank himself and investors are not optimistic about the first round format "" I am not Pan Jinlian "!" This news has aroused great waves in the circle of college students in Wuhan. The day of the event, from Wuhan universities students were gathered at the scene. After the end of the film, the scene sounded prolonged applause. The audience praised: "the story is wonderful, beautiful scene, one of the best films of the year". After the end of the film, the guests and the audience a lot of talk about the film, on the topic of comedy. When it comes to attention by circular frame, Feng Xiaogang said, the beginning to take a round frame when people don’t agree, "for me, after all, worried about the idea is to challenge the audience to enjoy the habit. But after several showings in the international and domestic, von guide has been optimistic about his adventure: once again underestimate the audience. Today, nothing is unacceptable to the audience. Then a small mobile phone, can see many shocking things every day, how many humorous piece. The transformation of the form is nothing." Liu Zhenyun is the initiative to explain, said at the beginning of the idea proposed by Feng Feng, he is the first one does not agree with. Many people, including producers, Guoli Zhang and so on, do not agree. However, Feng has been insisting that the final result is that we all like, "it proves that I was wrong". "I am not Pan Jinlian" in every game show, "the circular frame" this one bold challenge has been generous praise the audience. In September this year, the Toronto International Film Festival, the International Film Critics Association Award was given to the director of the form and content to play very high. It turns out that Feng Xiaogang won the challenge. Fan Bingbing praised the audience exploded midway airborne acting "worth theater two brush" before the start, "Fan Bingbing may come" the news has been spread among college students. After the film began to show, a large number of students can not enter the way to stay in the door for a long time, hoping to see Fan Bingbing side. The enthusiasm of fans brought security pressure to Fan Bingbing’s admission, Fan Bingbing on the sidelines waiting for a long time, still less than the crowd dispersed, slightly smooth entry opportunities, which even considered admission with a disguised way. The discussion went halfway, the host suddenly announced that Fan Bingbing has successfully entered the scene. The news immediately triggered the audience screaming, before the atmosphere has been quite heated up again. Feng Xiaogang)相关的主题文章: