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Huaihua Party cadres drunk is a serious warning and administrative detention (original title: Huaihua Chenxi a drunk party cadres severely punished administrative detention for 15 days, and is a serious warning) Hunan new client in October 13th hearing because of drunken trouble in the high-speed rail station, contrary to public order and good morals, resulting in adverse social impact, October 10th. Chenxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee decided to give the County Civil Affairs Bureau of retired cadres in advance all Communist Party a serious warning. Prior to this, the integrity of the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau Huaihua public security administrative detention for fifteen days punishment. It was found that at 11:30 am on July 19, 2016, all the people in the first people’s Hospital of Huaihua were invited to a hotel. During the service period, 5 people were invited to drink and drink. To 14, Xu, who left the hotel and sent 5 people to Huaihua high-speed rail South Station ride. At that time, he was obsessed with color clothes, violated the station management regulations, no ticket through the ticket entrance into the station. At 15:20 PM, the high-speed rail station to leave, ready to return to Chenxi, and touched and altercation a passenger. On the day of Huaihua south station police station a Yangxing police rushed to the scene to understand the situation, ask them to show tickets. The doctrine of not cooperating and police dispute, police asked the doctrine to the duty room to accept the deal. The doctrine of abuse by the police make impertinent remarks, and repeatedly hit the pedal Yangxing police hold law enforcement recorder’s left hand, left hand soft tissue contusion, resulting in Yang recorder fall to the ground, causing high iron outlet personnel gathered, exit order is seriously affected. Chenxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection believes that as a member of the Communist Party of China, as a member of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China has disturbed the management order of social public places, which violates the laws and regulations of the state, violates the public order and good customs, and has a bad influence on the society. On the same day, the whole principle was forcibly summoned by the police station police station to Huaihua high-speed railway station police station for investigation, inquiry and sober up. On the second day, he was punished for fifteen days in administrative detention. (correspondent Chen Jiwei)

怀化一党员干部酒后滋事 行政拘留并被严重警告(原标题:怀化辰溪一党员干部酒后滋事受严惩 行政拘留15天,并被党内严重警告)新湖南客户端10月13日讯 因酒后在高铁站寻衅滋事,违背社会公序良俗,造成不良社会影响,10月10日,辰溪县纪委常委会研究决定,给予该县民政局提前退休干部全主义党内严重警告处分。此前,全主义受到广州铁路公安局怀化公安处行政拘留十五日处罚。经查明,2016年7月19日中午11时30分许,全主义在怀化市第一人民医院对面一酒店请原部队服役期间人员5人吃饭喝酒。至14时许,全主义等人离开酒店并由全主义送5人至怀化高铁南站乘车。当时他身着迷彩服,违反车站管理规定,没有车票通过检票口进入车站。15时20分许,全主义离开高铁站出站口准备返回辰溪,与一旅客碰触并发生口角。当日值班的怀化南站派出所一杨姓协警赶到现场了解情况,要求其出示车票。全主义不予配合且与协警发生争执,协警要求全主义到值班室接受处理。全主义出言不逊,辱骂协警,用脚蹬杨姓协警并多次击打其持有执法记录仪的左手,致使杨左手软组织挫伤、记录仪掉落在地,造成高铁出口处人员聚集,出站口秩序受到严重影响。辰溪县纪委认为,全主义作为一名中共党员,寻衅滋事扰乱社会公共场所管理秩序,其行为违反了国家法律法规规定,违背了社会公序良俗,在社会上造成了不良影响。当天,全主义由派出所民警强制传唤带至怀化高铁南站派出所接受调查、询问和醒酒。第二天,他被处于行政拘留十五日的处罚。(通讯员 陈季伟)相关的主题文章: