HTC is developing Wi-Fi version of the helmet players and PC no cable acbel

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HTC is developing Wi-Fi version and PC helmet game player wireless cable technology – virtual reality Tencent in 2016 to become the first year, so far, HTC and Facebook company’s Oculus, have already started selling full function virtual reality helmet, SONY will begin listing in the fall. But consumers have found that the current virtual reality helmet and high-end gaming computer connection, there are a large number of cables, so the use of more trouble. According to foreign media news, HTC and some neighboring partners have found the problem, the company is developing a Wi-Fi version of the Vive helmet, the equipment will be connected through Wi-Fi network and computer games, will further enhance the user experience. HTC has become one of the leading companies in the virtual reality market. About three months ago, the company began selling Vive helmets, according to Taiwan media reports, the company has so far sold a total of one hundred thousand helmets. In addition, HTC also began to set foot in the field of virtual reality game development. According to the U.S. science and technology news website reported that HTC will work with a company called Quark VR external companies to jointly develop Wi-Fi version of the helmet. This helmet is still not able to achieve one hundred percent of wireless communications, but compared with the current product has been a big step forward. Because of the cancellation of a number of cables, so users in the use of virtual reality content, no longer need to worry about being tripped by the tangled cables. The company said, in fact, HTC officially released virtual reality helmet, they have been aware of the need to develop a wireless version of the helmet. It is reported that in the fall of this year, the company will work with HTC to develop a prototype of the product, and the final version of the wireless when the helmet is still unknown. As everyone knows is that the whole function of the virtual reality helmet currently three companies SONY, Oculus and HTC launched, mainly responsible for displaying VR content and collecting user location and action roles, and virtual reality content need to run on more powerful external computing device. HTC and Oculus helmets need to rely on external high-end gaming computer, such products priced at more than $one thousand, while SONY is mainly dependent on the game, so the user’s cost will be greatly reduced. Whether it is a game console or computer games, can not be separated from the use of cable and helmet connection. The cooperation development company said in an official blog, the future will be the development of a wireless transceiver information, may be placed in the user’s pocket, the transceiver relay will play a role of realizing data transmission of computer games and virtual reality helmet, communication technology will use the mainstream Wi-Fi network. According to reports, Quark VR had worked with HTC in the past, the current version of the Wi-Fi virtual reality helmet, the two companies have jointly developed five months. If the product R & D success, HTC and other two giants in the competition, will once again take the initiative. It is necessary to point out that this product design can not realize completely wireless data transceiver, the trouser pocket, a cable and head to.相关的主题文章: