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Health Does your spouse tease you about those love handles around your waist? Are you getting really tired of the teasing? Would you like to know how to get rid of love handles and put an end to the teasing? Lots of people have love handles. In fact, more and more people are acquiring them. For one thing, as people age it more and more difficult to keep from acquiring love handles even if they have been fairly fit all their lives. It isn’t just age that causes love handles, however. With diets that are full of sugar (did you know that one can of soda has about nine teaspoons of sugar?), processed foods and fast foods, it is no surprise that the world is experiencing an epidemic of overweight people. What can you do about love handles? To get rid of love handles requires two things: You have to eat smarter and you need to do a moderate amount of exercise every day. That’s right. No more eating fast food every day, munching on potato chips in front of the television every evening after work, or having a late-night snack of chocolate cake. It is back to eating your fruits and vegetables, as your mother told you to do years ago, and eating whole foods instead of processed (as much as possible). The more whole foods you eat and the less processed foods the better. If your doctor says it is okay, you need to start out with half an hour of moderate exercise each day and build up to one hour of moderate exercise each day. Make sure it is moderate exercise and not strenuous exercise. Exercises that use weights, or some form of resistance exercise, are best. Strenuous exercise will actually cause harm to your system as it increases the number of free radicals in your body that fight your healthy cells. If you are not familiar with free radicals, they attack your healthy cells and destroy them. That opens your body up to illness and disease. So it is very important to minimize the amount of free radicals in your system by eating foods high in antioxidants, reducing your stress, and following a program of moderate exercise. Eating right and exercising every day will tone you down quickly. Before you know it, those love handles will be gone and in their place will be muscle. Can you picture it? Without those love handles you will be healthier, more energetic, and happier (since exercise improves our mood). And your spouse won’t have anything to tease you about (at least, no more teasing about love handles). So, there you have it: The basics of how to get rid of love handles. If you are serious about getting fit, follow these guidelines and you will be a new person. It won’t happen overnight, but eating right and exercising will work wonders. However, it is up to you. Decide today to get fit and healthy. Those love handles won’t disappear unless you do something about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: