Home network how to layout Which layout is the most appropriate winflash

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Home network how to layout? Which layout is the most appropriate? Now every household must install the era of the network, how the layout of the home is very important to the network cable, some lines did not cloth well, it is difficult to change the decoration after a good. Teach you how to layout the home network, so that each room has a network, while the WIFI can be fully covered. What are the following layout. ?? First, some people are all the rooms will be pulled in front of the screen, this is very insecure, because such a general router, light cat can only be installed on the outside, people can easily take away these devices. This method is the most undesirable. ?? Second, from the door into the line of Lagan to the bedroom, then pulled from the bedroom to the other room, so you pull the network cable is not how good, because if you put in the bedroom, WIFI can only be placed in the bedroom, then you may not a router to cover the entire room. ?? Third, distribution box from the door to the living room of the Lagan line, and then from the cable distribution box to each room, I think the most is this tension, however, so pull words usually have some effect on the network signal, because of strong weaknesses together with how many there will be interference signal. As shown below:?? fourth, is the first in line to run the living room TV backdrop, then from the background wall there were run cable to the other room. As shown in the following:? In my opinion, the fourth is the best, because the WIFI signal can cover the entire room, signal interference is particularly small, the problem will be smaller.相关的主题文章: