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Food-and-Drink With the exception of Cadbury Dairy Milk no other chocolate in the world can claim to be as much of a flagship as the Hershey Bar. First manufactured back in 1900 and coined "The Great American Chocolate Bar’, Hershey Milk Chocolate, is the much loved original that launched a whole galaxy of delicious by-products. Made by the largest chocolate manufacturer in the country it is a true American icon that enjoys its status as one of most popularly consumed chocolate bars in the whole world. As well as having striking and easily recognisable packaging, the main reason for the continuing popularity of Hershey Bars is because of its highly distinctive taste. A slightly waxy and tangy experience that seems to particularly appeal to the American public, Hershey claim this as a consequence of their chocolate as being is less sensitive to the freshness of milk. Although the process of making the candy bar is a fiercely protected trade secret it has been speculated by a number of industry experts that the butyric acid which is produced during the production process by partially lipolyzing the milk, serves to stabilize the milk from further fermentation. Whatever their method of production Hershey do claim their chocolate to be cheaper to make than most of their .petitors – a reason why they are able to price the candy bar so affordably. It has even been suggested that other manufacturers in America simply add butyric acid to their own chocolate bars in an effort to recreate this taste. This process of producing chocolate was developed by the great Milton S. Hershey, founder of the Hershey .pany, three years after buying a milk processing plant in 1896. After perfecting the method he launched his signature Hershey Bar, the country’s first mass produced chocolate. As it became successful he slowly began to use it as the basis for other brands into the .pany’s portfolio of products. This included Hershey Kisses that was introduced in 1907, Mr Goodbar (1925), Milk Duds (1926), Hershey Miniatures (1939) and more latterly the Symphony Bar (1989). Nowadays these products and the rest of the Hershey Chocolate range are sold in over 60 countries around the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: