Haikou coconut sea Metro after the cracks in the cracks in the walls of more than 100 owners joint r ppbox

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Haikou Yehai Newcastle after typhoon seepage wall cracking 100 joint owners rights suck others just will repair hundreds of owners signature rights Haikou Yehai Newcastle after typhoon related department seepage problems to carry out household survey house owners very suck water. Southern Metropolis Daily News October 28th (reporter Shi Zu Bowen map) just bought a new house, after the launch, started in the home, many owners of Haikou Yehai Avenue Yehai metro area has suffered a heart. Even Japan, many owners of the district to the Southern Metropolis Daily hotline complaints, said the many small households in the crack in the wall, windows also shelter problems, others have not repair, in the past the typhoon "Sally Jia", many home owners appear seepage problems. My family living room roof cracking, a large area of the living room leaks, resulting in others, the delay can not be renovated." "Three years ago to pay the purchase, in the second half of last year to others, the first half of this year to stay in the decoration, but after a typhoon, the walls of the home seepage situation, a lot of wood furniture has been soaked."…… 28, 2009, who lives in the coconut sea Metro District of the house of the 701 Zhou, as well as living in the same area of the house of the 3 households, such as Ms. Zhuo, tenants can not help but Tucao, just the new premises of the problem appeared in the house of the people of the world, such as the "903". In the morning, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter came to the District 3, building 9, building 12 multi storied building part of the household at home visits were verified. Coincidentally, the other multiple storied building of other residents also reflects similar problems. According to the owners Zhuo et al walls reflect the problems of their homes under all occurred in the past near the typhoon "Sally Scarlett" during the Hainan transit, helpless, some have decoration owners can only hide in the family’s house to rent out or. As of October 28th the same day at 12 noon, according to the residential property owners on behalf of the collective signature reflects the emergence of similar housing seepage needs maintenance, etc., a total of nearly 120 registered households.相关的主题文章: