Guoxin gold suit Fed rate hike is still hanging sword very tangled

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Guoxin gold suit: the Fed rate hike is quite tangled sword still hung in the fundamentals of the Fed’s September 0.25%-0.5% basic interest rate decision to maintain interest rates unchanged, in line with market expectations. Since the spot silver and other precious metals conference rose more early, after a slight rise in interest rate decision announcement. The interest rate decision of 3 members voted in favour of raising interest rates in September, indicating differences within the Fed interest rate hike in September is larger, so the 12 possible interest rate hike is great, then the Fed chairman Yellen at a press conference that, without economic overheating, under certain conditions this year will raise interest rates again, the Fed’s bitmap display this can be a hike or December. At the same time market data show that in December the Fed rate hike probability is 57%. With the Fed’s decision in September to increase interest rates, the stock market once again usher in the short-lived excited Yellen conference that stocks do not think there are too many bubbles, the Dow Jones industrial index rose 0.9%, the NASDAQ [micro-blog] record. Today, Asian stock markets generally rose in early trading, the domestic black once again usher in a wave of madness, such as iron ore and coke ushered in a wave rally, but the afternoon continued to fall, personally think that the Fed’s September interest rate hike boots landing, all good for commodities may be bad. The United States presidential election in November, and Democrat Barack Hilary and Republican candidate Teplan has great differences for the monetary policy of the United States, toplia believes that the current is kept artificially low interest rates, accused the Fed caused the collapse of the market in the future, the stock market bubble is because the market get free money. President Jo Te Prang is likely to raise interest rates, increase the interest income of savers, and Hilary will be consistent with Yellen’s policy, while maintaining the continuity of the current U.S. monetary policy, the interest rate in December November 4th after the U.S. presidential election will be the resolution, which will produce a new president. When the interest rate decision may have some political considerations. Today’s focus: 20:309 month 17 day week jobless claims 22:008 months into home sales in the total number of 22:008 month the conference board leading indicators of the chain analysis of spot gold 4 hours chart yesterday spot gold up, the late segment rushed up to 1336.95, the technical analysis on the gold to rebound to 1352-1306 gold segmentation the position of the 0.618 position, at the same time just touch the daily MA40 and MA60 resistance, yesterday’s unexpected gold upside exceeded 13251330, relatively strong, is expected to go out after finishing a triangle once again decided to sound can big direction out the trend of operation. The radical 1336 short, stop 1341, only 1325. Prudent person wait and see. Spot silver daily chart spot silver today limit rebound to 4267, slightly through the daily level of average MA60, also hit the rail position down channel, short term sideways after the fall, resistance near 4270 is still valid, combined with domestic commodity.相关的主题文章: