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Guangxi city to enhance cultural gene of street area also has a new future of Xinhua news agency, September 16 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Tan stars Pan Qiang) city construction like a raging fire, more and more people pay attention to city characteristics gradually degraded, "1000 city side" and other issues. Guangxi city planning and design by prominence, mining history and culture, with the diversification of the city style, keep city specific "genes" appearance, some of the old blocks so usher in new". Is famous for its scenery of the Guilin in Guangxi, is the first batch of national historical and cultural city, the city of existing cultural relics point up to 779, the historical and cultural resources and landscape resources is extremely rich, many Chinese and foreign tourists. However, with the continuous compression of urban space and the gradual increase in urban population, the old city garbage littering, advertising chaos posted, stall chaos, vehicles parked and other phenomena occur frequently. In May this year, the Guilin began to focus on creating 14 feature blocks, the purpose is to optimize the existing environment, tourism, living two. According to the reform plan, Guilin, 14 old city block mountain, Xiufeng District and other objects are integrated to enhance the transformation, the transformation include the municipal infrastructure improvement, road repair, on both sides of the building facade style transformation, cultural landscape and humanistic construction block block construction, small goods city renovation, business training and other adjustment feature blocks. According to the plan, the old city neighborhood characteristics renovation project will be completed before the end of December 2017. Guilin city housing and urban and Rural Construction Committee of the relevant person in charge of the renovation project, help to improve the overall quality of the environment and the appearance of the city of Guilin, the historical and cultural heritage, protection, utilization and development of the organic integration with the tourism industry, to build a cluster landscape characteristics and geographical and cultural charm of the landscape of historical and cultural city. Only a short while ago, look around, arcade theater, try a bowl of powder is a lot of old Nanning old street in the old streets of memories. Today, these unique historical memory is expected to return to people’s vision. In May this year, the "Nanning" street two Lane Historic District Planning and city design "was officially approved, the protection and utilization of Xingning Road, Minsheng Road, Jiefang Road street and Lane three, lane two silver lion lion Gu Xiang construction work of planning and design, planning for existing building and upgrading keep riding the unique arcade landscape transformation, reconstruction. Reporters from Nanning City Housing Department learned that, in order to allow the transformation of two lane street "more" local flavor ", the beginning of planning put forward" positioning the Millennium City, century commercial port ". Repairs completed, "three street two lane will be built into south of the Five Ridges in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern arcade houses mainly historical and cultural blocks, the formation of cultural tourism and cultural industry base business combination, symbiosis, to further enhance the regional culture, and improve the people’s livelihood areas. Today, walking in the city of Nanning Jiangnan Water Street, Guilin City things Lane old streets, city style transformation, "gene" is more obvious, more prominent characteristics, antique buildings attract tourists, they will once again back to the geography memory in people’s life. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region urban planning office of the Housing Department of the relevant responsible person said, do a good job in urban design,.相关的主题文章: